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In Cooperation with DMICS, Special Centre for Disaster Research, JNU holds a 3 day National Conference from March 15 17, 2023

SCDR's three-day conference includes many special sessions led by more than 50 experts

New Delhi- March 14, 2023 :  In line with DMICS, the Special Centre for Disaster Research (SCDR), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is organizing a three-day National Conference with the theme of "Transforming India- Risk to Resilience" from 15-03-2023, Wednesday to 17-03-23, Friday.

SCDR's three-day conference includes many special sessions led by more than 50 experts; knowledgeable paper presentations to be done by more than 120 participants; informative panel discussions and opportunities to network with hundreds of professionals who work every day to try to find ways and implement them to transform India into a more resilient nation. 

The Chairperson of SCDR said, “The Centre has tried to bring all stakeholders who are concerned about disaster under one roof. We will get to hear experiences and opinion academia, government, social worker, corporate, and media.”

The President of DMIC said, “The contributions and interest of stakeholders to participate in the conference marks the immense need for such discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences. The esteemed speakers are going to add greater value to the conference.”

On Wednesday, March 15, SCDR is inaugurating the conference at 09:30 am in the presence of JNU VC - Prof. Santishree D. Pandit, Gen. Raj Shukla (Retd) (member UPSC), and Dr. Mani Kumar Sharma- (Hon’ble minister Health & Family Welfare Department, Sikkim), following a special session on Envisioning Disaster Risk Resilient India, parallel sessions, a panel discussion on finding ways- risk to resilience and another special session about challenges in Northeast India. 
The program on Thursday is majorly focused on the presentation of papers in different parallel sessions in the committee rooms, Convention Centre, and JNU campus. These sessions will have focus on health, technology, environment and geography, and law and governance. The presenters are from different parts of country.

On the last day, the panel will discuss India on the path - Risk to Resilience, thus underlining the key agenda of the conference. The concluding session is including the conference report, distribution of best paper presentations, and the declaration of the conference. Dr. O.P. Mishra-(Director NCS & Advisor SAGE, MoES, GOI) and Shri Shyam Parande-(Secretary, Sewa International)  along with Prof. Dipendra Nath Das ( Pro-Vice Chancellor, JNU) are the experts to enrich the audience with their wise words to conclude the conference.

SCDR is fortunate to be welcoming many prominent professionals including professors and experts in the field of Disaster Research. SCDR is deeply grateful to DMICS, faculty members, organizers, and delegates for their immense contribution in many ways.

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