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IIT Jodhpur’s Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department is the first of its kind in all IITs

The B. Tech program of the department is the first in the country to introduce two dedicated group of high-demand courses, Infrastructure Engineering & Smart Infrastructure systems


  •  The department also runs M. Tech and M. Tech-Ph.D. programs
  •  The department was established to bring emerging technologies to conventional civil engineering practices



JODHPUR,  Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur has taken a step ahead of others and established the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering that integrates multiple engineering and science verticals to provide a holistic solution to the civil and infrastructure engineering problems of the country. The department was established to train a new group of engineers who are capable of designing large-scale infrastructures that are smart, sustainable, and climate change resilient.


Currently, the department runs B. Tech in “Civil & Infrastructure Engineering”. Other than the regular B. Tech, the students would be able to earn dedicated “specializations” in “smart infrastructure”, “energy”, or “environment” within the four years of their B. tech programs. Further, the interested student can convert their B. Tech to B. Tech-M. Tech dual-degree and can earn a dual-degree in either energy or environment within five years. These “specializations” and “Dual-degree” allow students to gain advanced training in transformative technologies and more profound research experience.


The B. Tech program of the department is the first in the country to introduce two dedicated groups of high-demand courses, namely:


·       Infrastructure Engineering: The courses under “Infrastructure Engineering” deals with the planning, construction, and operation of large-scale telecom and IT infrastructures; railway, airport, and ship-port design; Infrastructure Planning, Management, and Engineering; Thermal and Nuclear Power Infrastructure Engineering; and Green Building and Sustainable Materials.

·       Smart Infrastructure Systems: The “Smart Infrastructure” offers courses on the application of AI/ML in civil and engineering; cyber-physical systems in civil engineering; digital twin for asset management; intelligent buildings; and surveillance and security of Infrastructures.


The department also runs two M. Tech and M. Tech-Ph.D. programs in “Infrastructure Engineering with Specialization Energy” and “Infrastructure Engineering with Specialization in Environmental Engineering”. The B. Tech and M. Tech/M. Tech-Ph.D. courses have been designed in close consultation with the industry in India and abroad. Students graduating from these courses will be exceptionally trained in smart infrastructure systems and skilled in applying AI/ML to build digitalized construction and monitoring systems for large-scale infrastructures.


Talking about the unique feature of this department, Dr. Ranju Mohan, Head, Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, IIT Jodhpur, said“Our aim is to produce next-generation engineers through adaptive, flexible and interdisciplinary training programs rooted through cohesive interaction with research organizations, academicians and industries. The curriculum of our UG and PG program is aligned with this aim. Through ongoing collaborations, faculties aim to create a co-creation platform that enables multiple players /stakeholders in civil and infrastructure firms to bring solutions for various societal issues under a common store.”


The Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at IIT Jodhpur is involved in various industrial consultancy research projects such as the Rajasthan Government’s ambitious river interlinking and water transport project, Wind load analysis of glass fibre reinforced composite at airports, and providing services to the solar power park operator. Some of the research being taken by the students and faculties of the department are air quality modelling and climate modelling, forecast of hydroclimatic extremes, monitoring wind turbines, development of greener methods of hydrocarbon production etc.


Through this department, IIT Jodhpur has taken a multi-disciplinary approach. It aims to be an eminence institute in transformative technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and cyber-physical systems for various applications in science and engineering.  

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