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IIT Guwahati organises Industrial Interaction event, allows Virtual Incubation, and starts new grants and incubation to boost Entrepreneurship

IIT Guwahati along with IIT Guwahati Research Park is organising ‘Research and Industrial Conclave (RIC) - Integration 2022 from Jan 20 to 23


GUWAHATI, 18th January 2022: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, is taking several steps to encourage start-up and entrepreneurial activities. Aimed to boost industrial interactions and start-up activities, Research and Industrial Conclave (RIC) is being organised from Jan 20 to 23, 2022. Technology Incubation Centre, IIT Guwahati allows virtual incubation, and student start-ups are permitted. New grants and incubation are being provided by IIT Guwahati Technology Innovation and Development Foundation.

IIT Guwahati along with IIT Guwahati Research Park is organising ‘Research and Industrial Conclave (RIC) - Integration 2022 from Jan 20 to 23. This is an Amalgamation of Academia, Industry & start-ups. To boost industrial interactions and start-up activities, for the first time, industrial interaction and entrepreneurial events are included with the annual research conclave.

Earlier only graduates were allowed to have their start-up incubate at IIT Guwahati Technology Incubation Centre (IIT Guwahati TIC). Now onwards, the institute has also allowed incubation of IIT Guwahati student’s start-up at IIT Guwahati Technology Incubation Centre including allowing virtual incubation as well. The institute signed MoUs with iDEX (Defence Innovation Organisation) and PSU such as OIL INDIA, NRL to fund the start-ups. It also has tie-ups with nationalised and private banks for providing loans to the incubated start-up. It also runs a special scheme for women entrepreneurs. IT Guwahati has recently incorporated a section- 8 company, IIT Guwahati Technology Innovation, and Development Foundation (IITG TIDF). The company has two divisions. Through its TIH division, the IITG TIDF provides a grant of up to 10 lakhs for the start-up working on underwater exploration and incubating them in the TIC. Through its BioNest division, it directly incubates bio-related incubators. 

To encourage the entrepreneurial activities among the students, the institute Director, Prof. T. G. Sitharam has constituted a committee headed by Dean, Industrial Interactions & Special Initiative (II&SI) to give course credit to the students for their entrepreneurial activities.

Speaking on the significance of the initiatives, Prof T.G. Sitharam, Director IIT Guwahati says, “As stated by our honourable Prime Minister we are in the golden era of start-up, being one of the leading institute for research and innovation, IIT Guwahati wishes to contribute to create start-up friendly ecosystem. I invite the entrepreneurs to join our Technology Incubation Centre and Research Park, where we provide not only the technical mentorship but also access to our resources and opportunities to work with our faculties and students to develop new technologies.”

Also to commemorate the national start-up day, IIT Guwahati organized a special panel discussion on ‘Success of a start-up: Opportunities and Challenges’.

TIC Incubation process: The start-up can apply through email It will be evaluated by a committee. Based on the committee’s recommendation, Dean, Industrial Interactions & Special Initiative who is the president of the council of management of TIC will approve the start-ups for incubation. Start-up has to choose a faculty mentor. An agreement will be signed. The incubation period will be up to 2 years

Research Park Incubation:

The start-ups, MSMEs, and others can apply online on the website

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