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Heavy Rains in Pune Prompt Swift Response from the District Administration

The District Magistrate and Chairman of Pune District Disaster Management Authority have issued an order on the closure of schools located in difficult areas due to heavy rains.

Pune: In response to the recent heavy rains and adverse weather conditions in the Ghat areas of Maharashtra, the District Magistrate and Chairman of Pune District Disaster Management Authority have taken swift action to ensure the safety of school-going children. An order has been issued to close all schools located in difficult areas so as to remain shut for today and tomorrow.


The decision to temporarily close the affected schools and Aanganwadis (childcare centres) was taken after a night of heavy downpours in the Ghat areas. The intense rainfall raised concerns about the safety of students and staff commuting to and from these institutions. As a precautionary measure, the authorities have decided to suspend educational activities for two days.


Maharashtra, known for its lush landscapes and beautiful mountain ranges, has witnessed a significant increase in rainfall during this year's monsoon season. Consequently, the local authorities are taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions on vulnerable communities, especially children attending schools in remote and challenging terrains.


The District Magistrate and Chairman of the Pune District Disaster Management Authority ordered the closure of schools located in difficult areas of the district. This closure will apply to Aanganwadis, Primary and Secondary Zilla Parishad, Aided and Private Schools affiliated with all Boards. However, schools and Aanganwadis in other areas will continue to operate normally.


A total of 355 schools in 12 talukas of Pune district have been identified as 'difficult area schools,' facing the risk of landslides due to incessant heavy rain and landslides in several parts of the state. Among the talukas, Ambegaon taluka has the highest number of such schools (73), followed by Bhor and Khed (36), Junnar (35), Maval (48), Mulshi (67), Purandar (17), and Velhe (43). Fortunately, there are no difficult area schools in Baramati, Daund, Haveli, Shirur, and Indapur.


Teachers and headmasters of the affected schools have been strictly instructed to go to the schools today and tomorrow to ensure the safe return of children to their homes. Block Education Officers (BDO) and Child Development Project Officers (CDPOs) have also been deployed in the area to oversee the evacuation process and ensure the safety of all children.


Residents in the affected areas have taken precautions, with some refraining from sending their children to school and halting agricultural activities due to the risky weather conditions.


By prioritizing the safety of citizens, especially school-going children, Pune District sets an example for the rest of the state in coping with the challenges posed by relentless rain and safeguarding the well-being of its residents. Authorities are closely monitoring the weather situation and will reassess the need for further closures based on developments in the region.

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