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Expert Lecture on waste management at CUH

Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendergarh has taken an initiative to make Zero waste campus.

Haryana: Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendergarh has taken an initiative to make Zero waste campus. In this series, a lecture was organised by the Department of Environmental Studies in Central university of Haryana on the topic “A zero waste campus initiative and plastics- the burgeoning problem”. The guest speaker for the lecture was Dr. Sanjay K Gupta. He is an advisor and consultant of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), Govt. of Assam. He has more than twenty years of experience in Integrated Waste Management, Recycling and Livelihood. 
In our day to day activities waste generation is inevitable. Its effective management is challenging task to retain the aesthetic values of our surroundings and a sound environmental health. Honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Tankeshwar Kumar is very much concerned about the waste management in the University. So, he has constituted a committee for creating zero waste discharge in CUH campus. Dr. Mona Sharma (HOD Environmental Studies) is convener of that committee along with Prof. Pawan Kumar Maurya (HOD Biochemistry) and Prof. Kanti Prakash (HOD Nutrition Biology) and Dr. Ranvir Kumar (EXN). This lecture was initiation of that committee for achieving and formulating zero waste discharge strategies. For fulfilling this dream; Dr. Gupta visited the different sites in university and checked each and every point from where waste is generated. He told about the zero waste concept and explained that 90 % of waste generated is reused and recycled, and only 10 % or less is left for dumping. After inspecting the university he said that university would soon be self-sufficient in managing its waste. He added scrap can be reutilised as “kabaad se jugaad”, biodegradable waste can be converted into compost. He emphasized on turning the CUH campus into a model unit. In the beginning of the program, Prof. Neelam Sangwan (Dean SIAS) welcomed the audience and told about the importance to manage the waste at the point of source only. Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor mentioned that this lecture is just beginning of the Zero waste discharge project in CUH. Further, Dr. Mona Sharma, Convenor highlighted the various strategies for making the zero waste campus. She also mentioned that students play a major role in contributing the waste, however, they can be big role model for others in the neighborhood also. Prof. Kanti Prakash introduced the speaker and told about the vast experience of Dr. Gupta. In the end, Prof. Pawan Kumar Maurya delivered the formal vote of thanks and said take a pledge that will not use plastic. Various HODs, Deans and students were also attended the programme and all are very excited for this wonderful initiative


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