Institutional Activities

Azim Premji University Bangalore to host Residential Workshop on Land Governance and Development

The last date of application for the same is the 10th of June.

In a joint venture by Azim Premji University, Bangalore, and Centre for Land Governance,
Bhubaneshwar, a Residential Workshop will be held between 3rd July and 7th July 2023. The
last date of application for the same is the 10th of June. This workshop will serve as a follow-up
to two other similar events held at Azim Premji University Bangalore in 2022, which proved to be
a grand success.
This workshop aims to discuss the interlinkage between land tenure and governance and its
significant effects on climate change, sustainable food systems, tribal livelihoods, empowerment
of women farmers, nutrition security, and migration. It is the view of the venture that these
crucial aspects are rarely recognized and discussed in a way that provides meaningful data for
concerned researchers and practitioners to make informed decisions.
This is a free workshop to attend, with twin-sharing accommodation available on campus as well
as food facilities.
This workshop opens up interactive sessions and helpful co-learning opportunities for
enthusiasts and provides a platform for expert resource persons to share their deep knowledge
with the attendees. Participation in this event is open to anyone from young academicians and
graduate students, journalists and lawyers, working professionals, allied with NGOs/INGOs,
private sector employees, and donor agencies involved in rehabilitation and resettlement,
corporate social responsibility, and investment decisions. Government officials involved in land
administration are also invited.
The upcoming Residential Workshop organized by Azim Premji University, in collaboration with
the Centre for Land Governance, offers a unique opportunity for participants to delve into the
intricate relationship between land tenure and governance. By addressing pressing issues such
as climate change, sustainable food systems, tribal livelihoods, women farmers' empowerment,
nutrition security, and migration, the workshop aims to fill the gap in comprehensive data and
informed decision-making. With its diverse audience of young academicians, professionals,
NGOs, government officials, and more, this interactive event promises to foster co-learning,
facilitate knowledge exchange, and pave the way for practical solutions in land administration
and related sectors.

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