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Annual Day Celebration Ek Nai Udaan Ki Or, Lights Up OK Model School

Celebration Unveils Students' Talents and School's Vision for Development


New Delhi. : In a grand spectacle of talent and enthusiasm, OK Model School's Annual Day Celebration took flight at the prestigious Royal Green Garden. With the captivating theme "Ek Nai Udaan Ki Or" (Towards a New Flight), the event soared to new heights, showcasing the vibrant spirit and creativity of the school's students.

Distinguished Guests Grace the Occasion

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed personalities, including principals from various schools and local dignitaries, who joined as special guests. Leading the welcoming committee were Chairman Om Kumar, Administrator Ravi Kumar, and Principal Dr. Nirmal, extending warm greetings to all attendees.

A Platform for Talent

The Annual Day Celebration provided an exceptional platform for students to exhibit their diverse talents on stage. From mesmerizing cultural performances to captivating acts, every class participated wholeheartedly, leaving the audience spellbound with their presentations.

Engaging Parents in the Festivities

Not just limited to students and staff, the celebration also welcomed the parents of the students, inviting them to witness and partake in the joyous occasion. Their presence added to the communal spirit, fostering a sense of unity and pride in the school community.

Reflecting on Achievements and Future Plans

During the event, Administrator Ravi Kumar and Principal Dr. Nirmal took the stage to present a comprehensive report on the school's activities and achievements. They also shared insights into the upcoming plans aimed at the holistic development of the students, underscoring the school's commitment to nurturing young minds.

Overall, the Annual Day Celebration at OK Model School served as a beacon of inspiration, igniting a sense of hope and aspiration in the hearts of all those present. As the curtains drew close on this remarkable event, the echoes of talent and camaraderie continued to resonate, promising a bright future ahead for the school and its students.

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