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An Opportunity to Attend Free Online Course With Prof.Rosalind O’Hanlond.

  • No fees, free registration on online course with  Professor Rosalind O’Hanlond.
  • he Online Course worth approaching with Indian History and Culture conducted by SPPU


-by Eeshwari Jedhe

Pune: An engaging online course conducting  by Savitribai Phule University Pune, Department of History associated with the Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies- Humanities and Social Sciences.  The Online Course  worth approaching with Indian History and Culture. It will be taken via zoom from  21st February to 25th February 2022. Participants are expected to upload a CV/Resume with an English/ Marathi statement of interest within 200 words for the selection purpose of the registration. Last date of the application is 05th February; selection will be done after reviewing the resume submitted. 

Participants can Send the CV/Resume to this mail ID here

                       Professor Rosalind O’Hanlond is Professor Emeritus in Indian History and Culture in the Oxford University. She has been publishing her work on the history of caste and gender in India. Along with that she has also been studying the Post-Colonial World. The objectives of the courses will be vaguely covered by the professor. The course will be a combination of ex cathedra, with the lectures by Professor Rosalind O’Hanlond which will be followed by the participant’s discussion. Pre-Circulation of the relevant materials focusing on the ideas and interpretations will be a part of the following course conducted.

        The classes will include examples from Mughal, colonial and post colonial India, and will conclude with Dalit life histories and with the current Dalit life’s scenarios. For further information students can visit the following link and register as soon as possible with   CV/Resume before 05th February 2022.  For Participation Clilck on this link .


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