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Alliance University holding webinar on unpacking value of liberal arts on January 14, 2023

Alliance University will be holding a webinar on ‘Unpacking the Value of Liberal Arts’ on January 14


Bengaluru : Alliance University will be holding a webinar on ‘Unpacking the Value of Liberal Arts’ on January 14 (Saturday) at 3:30 P.M., with the speaker being Dr. Anthony Archdeacon, a professor of the Department of Language and Literature at Alliance University. Users can register to attend the webinar through the link below, which requires participants to list their name, gender, email address, phone number, grade (11th standard, 12th standard pursuing, or 12th standard completed), school/institution name, city, and country.

Liberal arts is the study of art subjects (e.g.: history, literature) and is meant to provide general knowledge. It is made up of four areas: natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts and rejects professional (e.g.: law, management studies, etc.) and technical subjects (e.g.: engineering, technology, etc.). There are also multiple academic areas linked with liberal arts and they include philosophy, history, creative arts (music, performing arts, fine arts literature), social sciences (economics, anthropology, linguistics, human geography, sociology, psychology, jurisprudence, political science), life sciences (biology, ecology, neuroscience), logic, mathematics, computer science, statistics and physical science (astronomy, chemistry, physical geography, physics).

You can register for the webinar here: UNPACKING THE VALUE OF LIBERAL ARTS

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