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JMI Organises TEDxJMI 2023: Chasing Horizons

Renowned academician Mr. Vijendra Chauhan discussed the myth of destination and the power of dreams, advocating for celebrating the journey rather than fixating on an idealistic vision of success.

New Delhi :- Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) hosted the 5th edition of Tedx JMI on September 23, 2023, in the MA Ansari Auditorium. The event was organised under the aegis of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship(CIE),JMI. The Ted Licensee was Tauseef Ali Rizwan, a student of 7th semester, BTech E&C from Faculty of Engineering and Technology, assisted by Omar Farooq Khan Suri also from the same faculty, and Izeen Fatima, Department of Psychology, and a team of 100 volunteers from different Faculties and courses of the University. The theme adopted this year was “Chasing Horizons”,   symbolizing the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of limitless possibilities for personal growth and enlightenment. Inaugural Moments

The event began with a soul-stirring recitation with meaning from the holy Quran by Adnan Shamsi, followed by a warm welcome address, felicitating the chief guest, the Vice Chancellor, JMI, Prof. Najma Akhtar, guests of honours, the PVC, Prof Eqbal Hussain and the DSW, Prof Seemi Farhat Bashir, the Ted speakers, dignitaries and the audience by the convenor of the event, Prof. Sabah Khan. She briefed the audience on the history of Ted Talks and enlightened everyone with the importance of the Ted slogan “ideas worth speaking”. She ended with a quote by John Dewey, that we do not learn from experiences, we learn by reflecting on experiences.

The inaugural keynote speaker was given by JMI Vice Chancellor, Prof Najma Akhtar (Padma Shri). She initiated the audience on the importance of hosting events like Tedx and shared some important facets of her journey. With wisdom and eloquence, she urged the audience to aim for the stars, emphasizing that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. She reminded everyone that greatness necessitates pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and relentlessly striving for change. 

This was followed by the speech by Prof Eqbal Hussain, the Pro Vice Chancellor of Jamia. He elaborated on the theme's essence, emphasizing on the role of Jamia in achieving limitless dreams and ambitions.

This was followed by the launching of the E-Cell, JMI’s first newsletter, “E-NCEPTION” by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Najma Akhtar.

First Session:

The main event commenced with an electrifying energy. The first Ted speaker was IPS Robin Hibu, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police. He delivered a powerful speech, sharing his journey, challenges, and the importance of staying connected to one's roots. He also talked about his role in the NGO “Helping Hands”.

Puneet Gupta, Clensta CEO and founder, transformed the audience into characters in his story.

He highlighted the unpredictability of life, emphasizing that not getting what you want can be a blessing. He also enthralled the public with his discourse on Clensta’s Waterless Technology Products.

Mr. Manish Bandlish, MD of Mother Dairy, an alumnus of JMI, delivered a concise yet impactful speech, sharing his business journey and leaving the audience inspired. He also highlighted the progress in marketing of dairy products in India over the last 3 decades Shreedha Singh, CEO of The Ayurveda Corporation, centred her dialog on hope and determination. She shared her journey of escaping conventional expectations and achieving success through determination and intellect.

Renowned academician Mr. Vijendra Chauhan discussed the myth of destination and the power of dreams, advocating for celebrating the journey rather than fixating on an idealistic vision of success.

The Salt Dance Group from NIFT Delhi brought an energetic performance, earning cheers from the crowd.

Second Session

The second Session after the lunch break started with the much-awaited speech by Mr. Areeb Ahmad, an ISRO Scientist and Jamia alumnus. He delivered a thought-provoking oration on expanding one’s vision and actively working towards one’s goals. He emphasized that having a focus can fulfil our aspirations.

Mr. Faizan Nizami of the Nizami Brothers shared his family's musical legacy and their commitment to pursue their passion. His talk blended soulful melodies with captivating stories.

Further the Nizami Brothers’ performance was enchanted, the audience with heart-touching renditions of classics.

A dance performance by crew members on the songs of MC Square added to the evening's excitement. The final speaker, Abhishek Bensla (MC Square), a rapper blending Haryanvi folk music with rap, shared his journey to success despite challenges and stereotypes. His words resonated deeply. Abhishek's musical performance transported the audience through various emotions.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Dr Rihan Khan Suri, Director CIE JMI and Faculty Advisor TEDxJMI 2023 expressing the importance of TEDx as an event that nurtures growth, potential, and diverse ideologies amongst students. He also thanked the Convenor, Prof Sabah Khan, the Co Convenor Dr. Navaid Rizvi, all the Faculty advisors, the Chief Proctor Prof Atiqur Rahman and his team and the students of the organizing committee for their hard work and support. He also thanked the sponsors, Mother Dairy, Jamia Cooperative Bank and The Hindu Guru Academy, Clensta,, TAC for their support

The event was compered by four brilliant students Nimra Kirmani, Samra Khan, Bushra Parveen and Zaina S Khan who charmed the audience with recitals of couplets from famous poets like Majaz, Mir Taqi Mir, Alama Iqbal, etc. The program was well attended by an enraptured audience of more than 400 people. The event served as a reminder that everyone has the potential to make the difference and with determination and support, we can create a positive change in our lives and the society.

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