State: Delhi

City:   Delhi East

Address: Q- Block Mohan Park, Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032 Ph:+91 11 22824885 Email:


About Us

SR Capital Public School is secondary recognized school. The school was founded by late Dr. Sahab Ram Yadav in 1980 to cater the need of the surrounding area. Therefore, he constituted a society named Priya Charitable Society which started a primary school in Naveen Shahdara. Later in 1987, school was upgraded to class VIII then in year 1996 upgraded to class X. The school has shown excellent results in C.B.S.E. Board examinations. Thousands of students have passed from this school up till now. The students from this school have something in common, their ethics and culture. We believe in unity in diversity and Integrity as one family.

Our policies                                                                                                             

The right to learn and play without interference from others
The right to be treated fairly, equally and with respect by students and staff
The right to be safe anywhere in the school
The right not to be verbally abused nor made to feel foolish or inadequate by students or staff
The right to be listened to by students and staff
The right to be valued as an individual by students and staff
The right to expect that your personal property will be respected by students or staff
The S R Capital Public School expects all students and staff to respect these rights

Students responsibilities:

Respect for self and others. Attendance at school when required and not leaving the premises without permission. Being on time. Having necessary books and equipments. Finishing all set of work in class and at home, Cooperating with teachers, paying attention in class.Taking care of personal and school property and keeping it tidy. Taking care of personal appearance


S R Capital Public School strongly opposes:                                     

 Teasing, humiliation or denigration of others, disruptive behavior, victimization, violence, substance abuse, vandalism, offensive language, and harassment of any type including bullying of any type race and sex based harassment. Any situation where a group of students makes life unpleasant of an individual student is particularly offensive and will be dealt with accordingly  

 Harassment of students and staff is totally unacceptable at S R Capital Public School

Contact    Q- Block Mohan Park,  Naveen Shahdara, Delhi-110032 Ph:+91 11 22824885 Email: