Maharashtra college bans mobile phones to boost student's performance

In a bid to improve students' focus on education, a women's college in Maharashtra's Aurangabad city has banned the use of mobile phones inside its campus. The move comes at a time when mobile phones have become an indelible part of everyday living, where youngsters are glued to social media.

"We were searching for measures to enhance the process of learning and we found that students could concentrate better when they are not allowed to carry their cellphones to classrooms." Said the Principal of Dr Rafiq Zakaria Women's College

Ban has helped students to focus better
With more than 3,000 students, the women's college offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
The ban, which was imposed 15 days ago, has not only helped students focus better in classrooms, but also improved their interaction with their peers, Dr. Farooqui said.

Although students are not allowed to carry their own phones on campus, a couple of handsets are kept in the reading room for emergencies, he added.

"Initially, the decision was taken as a punishment for overuse of cellphones, but now students and staff are cooperating in the effort to enhance the learning and teaching process," the principal claimed.

Students who travel have to deposit their phones every morning
Students, who travel to the college from faraway places, have to deposit their phones once they enter the campus and collect them on their way home, he added.

Head of the Political Science department Prof Dr. T A Paithankar said, "Initially, we also found the decision to be restrictive, but now students are concentrating on their studies and I am sure that this will reflect in their exam results."