New Delhi. ASN Senior Secondary School, Mayur Vihar- 1 celebrated 'National Wildlife Week' to raise awareness about the protection and expansion of the fauna. The event witnessed a week-long active participation from students in large number in various activities like batch making ,3D masks, folders, recycled bags, slogans and posters with meaningful messages .
The week long activities culminated with a thought provoking assembly on the theme 'Think Eco- logically' emphasizing on the maintenance and sustainace of ecological balance. The program started with informative news clippings on the latest happenings at the wildlife front followed by hard-hitting Street Play on the importance of maintaining the ecological balance. The highlight of the day was a mesmerizing and touching dance performance. 
The special guest of the day was Ms. Anjana Gosain, The Chief Functionary Officer; Tiger Trust and an eminent environmentalist. She sensitized the students with informative  anecdotes.  She said that wildlife is the pride of any country and its protection should be the top priority of any nation.
School Principal, Ms. Sonia Luthra urged the students to quit using the  products made with animals as it encourages animal poaching. She said that it is very important to maintain ecological balance and informed the students about the threats they might have to face in future due to the negligence they show today.
The program concluded with the felicitation of the winners by the dignitaries present. The  vote of thanks was proposed by the School Coordinator, Ms. Sushma Kalia.