Workshop on Indian Navy as Career in SR Capital School
A workshop on Indian Navy as Career has been organised in the school.  Commander Abhishek Jolly and Lt Cdr AK Yadav an alumanus of Indian Naval Academy  Alumnus of Naval Engineering Course  and  Lt Sneha were the chief guest and speaker of workshop. Commander Abhishek Jolly was commissioned on 01. Jan 2005 and then volunteered for the submarines in 2007 to fulfil his desire to be the part of the silent service and was awarded the prestigious dolphin batch in 2008 after a year of training. 
               Lt Cdr AK Yadav an alumanus of Indian Naval Academy, Mandovi was commissioned on 01 Jul 2008. The officer during the initial training has volunteered for the aviation arm to fulfil his passion and desire for flying and joined Airforce academy in jul 2009 for basic flying training. After streamed into rotory wing, the officer joined Indian naval helicopter training school at INS Rajali and was awarded wings on 19 Jun 2010.  
           Lt Sneha is a naval architect officer. After graduating from college she joined Indian Navy in year 2014. Post completion of basic training at Indian Naval Academy, she underwent constructors training in INS Vishwakarma vizag, for a year and a half primary focused on 'warship & submarine design'. She is now posted in the one and be only institute of the country from where our Indian Naval Ships are being Designed that is Directorate of Naval Design. 
The decorated officers of the Navy gave presentation on various operations of the Indian Navy. The students enjoyed the workshop and get the answer of their queries.  .