JNUSU polls: BAPSA vote share down, NSUI does better
With both the Left and the ABVP emerging on top of the JNU students’ union polls, organisations like the Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association (BAPSA) and the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) saw a change in vote share.
While BAPSA saw a dip of 5.5 percentage points in its vote share this year, the NSUI saw a corresponding increase.
Like last year, BAPSA finished third on all positions. Vishambhar Nath Prajapati, their candidate for the post of secretary got the most votes in the panel with 827 of the total 5,170 votes. Their presidential candidate, Thallapelli Praveen, got 675 votes, while for the posts of vice-president and joint secretary, BAPSA got 644 and 689 votes respectively. 
This amounts to 13.7% of the total votes polled. Last year, however, the organisation had managed to get a vote share of 19.2%. 
In stark contrast, the NSUI — which got only 3.9% of the votes last year — has managed to increase its vote share to 9.4% this year. Last year, their presidential candidate Vrishnika Singh had got just 82 votes and their total votes across all posts was 728 — almost half the NOTA votes of 1,512.
This year, their joint secretary candidate Ngurang Reena alone scored 772 votes.
NSUI JNU unit Vice-President Mukesh Kumar said the increase was a result of their movement on the ground. 
“We have been actively protesting on many issues. In February this year, we were the only organisation to block the road to the administrative block for 10 days over seat cut in MPhil/PhD admissions. Our activists, including Vikas Yadav (presidential candidate), were even fined. Additionally, what helped was the anti-ABVP sentiment on campus… it’s possible BAPSA’s votes have shifted to us,” he said.
BAPSA’s Praveen, however, chose not to comment on the matter: “The elections have just finished, we will do our analysis in the next two-three days and figure out what led to the drop.”