FYJC admissions:  Almost 10,000 aspirants still don’t have seats
The fate of over 10,000 first year junior college (FYJC) aspirants remains uncertain as the state government is yet to announce the date and format of the first-come-first-serve round of allotment.
On Saturday, Meenakshi Raut, deputy director of education, Pune, declared the first special round of admissions for FYJC under the ongoing Centralised Admission Process (CAP), in which a total of 11,047 students were given allotments. However, as over 21,000 students had applied for the admission process, this means about 10,000 students are yet to get allotments in any college. Junior colleges across the city have started holding lectures nearly a fortnight ago.
Four regular and one special round of allotments have been held till now, and while the seats in most ‘top’ colleges are already taken, scores of students with high marks are among those who are yet to get admissions. “These students got allotments in the previous round, but they did not confirm their allotted seats. We had already warned that if students get the first college of their choice and don’t take admission, they will be blocked till the end of the process. Students who got good marks and allotments in good colleges, but refused to confirm their first choice of college, have remained blocked out of the entire process. They will now join other students for the seats left in junior colleges,” said a DyDE official.
In the special round declared on Saturday, 3,539 of 11,047 students got admission in the first college of their preference, including 329 students in arts colleges, 1,316 in the science stream, 237 for bi-focal and the highest, 1,657, for commerce. These students will have to confirm their admissions by August 21.
Last year’s first-come-first-serve basis allotment round was held online. Students were told to log in at a particular time, when all available seats would be shown on the website, and the first student who selected a seat would get it. This system led to chaos as students enlisted the help of relatives and friends, who tried to log in to the students’ ID on several computers at the same time, to maximise their chances of getting a preferred seat.
While the education department is likely to hold a first-come-first-serve round of allotments this year, it is yet to declare the date and format for it. “…Last year, a friend said they did it online but the server crashed as everyone logged in at same time. We are waiting to see which system they declare for this year,” said Neelam Mishra, mother of a FYJC aspirant.
Raut claimed such issues will be ironed out this year. “We are also learning from last year’s lessons and will allow only one log-in from a particular ID this year. All students, irrespective of whether they have been blocked or have not taken admissions, will get the same opportunity to select seats. The state government has given approval for the round, but the exact date and format is yet to be approved by them,” she said.
DyDE officials said the first-come-first-serve round is likely to take place on Thursday and an official announcement will be made next week.
courtesy Indain express