Apeejay Noida fee hike row: Mass bunk to protest 20% fee hike
Apeejay Noida fee hike row: Over 2,000 students of Apeejay school in Noida did not attend their classes on Wednesday to protest a hike in fee during this session. The school had raised fees by 20 per cent for the year 2018-19, the highest in three years. The Uttar Pradesh government, in an ordinance act passed on April 4, had said that the school can not hike fee by more than 7-8 per cent, said a protesting parent who was part of a protest march today outside the school.
“Nursery class 2015-16 (base year as per ordinance act) fees were 1.3 lakh. For 2018-19, fees are 1.93 lakh plus additional charges for any activity- sports, dance, arts, et al. Total payment to school for a child for 2018-19 nursery will be approximately 2.6 lakh,” he said.
indianexpress.com reached out to Apeejay school Principal, SC Tiwari and also emailed him questions, but he has not responded yet.
Parents who participated in the march today also alleged that students were forced to take extra classes for sports and co-curricular activities at least once a year. “The school has hired an agency, named “Valedra” (which is actually an APJ sister company) to provide normal sports and co-curricular activities coaching to students,” said a protesting parent who didn’t want to be named. He added that those students who don’t opt for these extra classes were made to sit idle in the class, as these coachings are provided within school hours.
“The school is also charging extra for facilities like fan, electricity, health, hygiene, annual function dress, computer, swimming, tennis, audio visual, uniform shops and bookshops. In the last seven years, the fees is hiked to about 200 per cent,” said another parent. However, the other branch of same management, Apeejay — Saket, with similar facility and better students — teacher ratio, is charging less than 50 per cent fees than at Noida branch, he said.
The protesting parents also mailed their grievances to the Secretary, CBSE, New Delhi. Here is a draft of the letter sent to Secretary, CBSE, New Delhi
The Secretary
Central Board of Secondary Education
New Delhi
Dear Sir
We are the aggrieved parents of the students of Apeejay School Noida. The school is affiliated to CBSE since May 1983, as per the information on the website (http://www.apeejay.edu/noida/). This email is intended to draw your attention to the gross violation by the school of “Provisions of Affiliation By-laws of CBSE”, and specifically with reference to CBSE Circular # CBSE/AFF/Circular/675578 dated February 06, 2014 (copy attached). In these regards I would like to draw your attention to the following
1) In gross violation of Para I, of the attached CBSE Circular dated February 6, 2014. The school is running coaching clasess, during school time and during weekdays. These classes are run by an organisation name M/s Avanti, with their registered office at Rajgor Empire Building, 501, J.V. Road, Kapol Wadi, Pant Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400086. The other relevant details are available on website address http://www.avanti.in.
2) The fact that M/s. Avanti holds classes in the school is clearly mentioned on their website (https://www.avanti.in/iit-jee-coaching-in-delhi-ncr/)
3) These classes are held 3 times a week from 0800 – 1000 hrs within the school premises of Apeejay School, Sector 16, Noida. This may be either physically verified, or via an anonymous call at the school phone number +91 120 251 5141
4) other parents have also protested against this illegal activity. Kindly follow their attempts at https://www.consumercomplaints.in/apeejay-school-complaint-regarding-the-school-coaching-avanti-c1818256
5) The school is forcing children of Class VII-XII to join these coaching classes. Also, this is gross violation of the fundamental ethics of an educational institute, wherein the students are being discriminated on the basis of their paying capacity. The students willing to pay extra for coaching are being provided a better education vis-a-vis the other students. Is it not the responsibility of every school to provide the best education to each and every student without any discrimination?
6) On being queried, the school administration responds extremely arrogantly (in contravention of Para C of the attached Circular dated February 6, 2014). The also threaten to expel the student if the parents persist, thereby causing mental harassment to students of such tender age, while at the same time traumatizing the parents.
7) The school has also recently revised the school fee by more than 15% over last year. The school resists any attempts to get a breakup of the school fees. This is in contravention of Para A, of the attached CBSE circular
8) In contravention of Para R, of the attached CBSE Circular. The school is charging an exorbitant amount for non-CBSE recommended books. Also, as per CBSE’s requirements the list of these books are not made available on the school website.
9) In contravention of Para B of the attached circular, the school has a stationery shop and a uniform shop, on school premises. The school also forces all students to buy on “ÄPPEEJAY” branded notebooks which are priced at Rs 65/- per copy vis-a-vis Rs. 17, for a notebook by M/s.Lotus Notebooks, available in local stationeries in Sector 18, Noida. Furthermore, the class teachers refuse to check the classwork and homework, if the same has been done in an unbranded notebook, thereby humiliating the child, and causing mental trauma to children of young age.
As each day is extremely crucial for children at this growing age, I would request you to kindly take appropriate action as soon as possible. I would keenly look forward to your kind support in improving the schools for the nation’s children
Many thanks
Courtesy Indian Express