World University Rankings 2018: Top 10 universities in the world



Times Higher Education released the 2018 world university rankings list on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 and much like last year, Oxford University took the top position among all universities in the world. The ranks are released annually and this year, IISc was ranked as the best university in India.While many of the universities slipped in the global rank list with IISc dropping from the 201-250 band to the 251-300 band, the top universities in the globe maintained their positions. 


 Here are some of the top universities in the world according to Times Higher Education:

1. University of Oxford

Known as one of the oldest universities “in the English-speaking world”. The ranking notes that there are currently 19,718 students at the university, 35 per cent of whom are international students. The university holds a student-teacher ratio of 10.9 and a male-female student ratio of 46:54.

2. California Institute of Technology

Founded in 1981 as “Throop University” and renamed in 1920, the California Institute of Technology has 22,930 alumni and is considered to be the current best university for engineering and technology in the globe. Currently, the university is teaching full time students, 27 per cent of whom are international students. The student-teacher ratio is 6.7 and the female-male student ratio here is 31:69.

3. Stanford University

The university boast of having 30 living billionaires, 17 astronauts, 18 Turing Award recipients and two Fields Medallists as its alumni. Currently hosting 15,658 full-time students 22 per cent of whom are international students, there are an average of 7.7 students per staff members and the female-male student ratio is 42:58. 

4. University of Cambridge

The university has six schools including Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Technology. It also houses 150 faculties and 18,605 FTE students, 35 per cent of whom are international students.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The average tuition fee for MIT is $ 45,016. It hosts about 1,000 faculty members and more than 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students. According Times Higher Education, the average number of students per staff member is 8.8 and the female-male student ratio is 37:63.

6. Harvard University

The largest academic university in the world is located in Harvard’s campus. The university has 12 schools, a Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, two theatres and five museums. The student to staff ratio is 8.8 and 25 per cent of its students are international students. 

7. Princeton University

This university is connected to 17 winners of the National Medal of Science, 40 Nobel laureates and five recipients of the National Humanities Medal. It has a female-male student ratio of 45 : 55 and 23 per cent of its student polulation is composed of international students.

8. Imperial College London

Currently, the college is hosting more than 15,000 students and 8,000 staff and provides courses in science, engineering, medicine and business. The student to staff ratio is 11.3 and 52 per cent of its student population is composed of international students.

9. ETH Zurich

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich is considered the current best university in the world for computer sciences. The insitute has 16 departments which conduct academic interdisciplinary research, about 18,616 students this year, 14.9 student-staff ratio and 31 : 69 female-male student ratio.

10. University of California, Berkeley

The university was founded in 1868 and is located in San Francisco. It houses about 27,000 undergraduate and 10,000 postgraduate students. There are about 12 students for each staff member and more female than male students with the gender ratio at 52:48. Around 16 per cent of the university’s student population is comprised of international students.