How to score above 90% in class XII board exmas.

Students all over the country who sit for class XII board exams aspire to score more than 90%. Many top universities release cut-offs based on these scores. So, here's a guide to help you score outstanding in your exams:

1. Make a timetable : Make a simple and easy to follow timetable and paste it on your study table. Time management is the key to score good. So, manage your time effectively. Take a 20 minute break after everytwo hours of studying

2. The last four months : You should start studying seriously from November. This period (November to February), is the time to revise everything you've learnt. Study for atleast 6-7 hours a day. Try studying at night. Studying at night worked for me because there are less distractions at night.

3. Set goals : Set goals to complete certain portions of your syllabus and reward yourself with small treats like ice-cream or chocolate after you acheive that goal. This will keep you motivated to study. 

4. Be positive : Being positive is the most important virtue. There will always be times when you will feel low and depressed but never give up. Keep working hard and stay happy. Try listening music to avoid negativity and surround yourself with positive people and things.

5. Be healthy : Eat healthy and drink lots of water. Practice Yoga or do a 15 minute workout daily to keep yourself energised for the day. Sleep for atleast 6 ours a day before writing the board exam.

6. Last ten years : Practice last ten years' question papers for every subject. There are a lot of guide books available in market for this. Practicing last years' question papers is a 'must' to score good. I would say 'practice, practice and practice'. According to me, you are done with 90% of the work if you solve last seven years' questions successfully.

7. Sit for mock tests : Sit for tests in schools/tutions. Tests are a graet way to practice and enhancing your knowledge. Even if you aren't prepared, sit for tests. This will give you the idea of different types of questions you might have to answer while writing for your board exams. I would even suggest you to take an off from school atleast once in a week for self-study.

8. Stay calm : Stay calm on the day of the exam. Do not tire your brain by studying whole night the day before. Attempt every question and revise and re-analyse your answer sheet before submitting.


I followed the above eight techniques and it helped me to score 95.75%. I hope that these techiniques work for you as well. All the best.