SRCC To Design Curriculum Of Jammu University

NEW DELHI: Delhi University's Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) will be involved in designing the curriculum of some courses of University of Jammu and assessing whether the conflict situation in the region is impacting students psychologically.
Principal, SRCC, Simrit Kaur told PTI that the college has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the varsity and the college's faculty members will be visiting Jammu to interact with the students and analyse their skills.

"This month, our team will be visiting Jammu University and will be involved in assessing the students of a women's college of the university not just on their curriculum but whether they can handle competitive exams outside," she said. 
Simrit Kaur said since Jammu is a conflict-driven place, their assessment will also be based on how the psychology of the students is impacted due to the surroundings. 
"My teachers are trainers. They will be testing students not just on the basis of their curriculum but their general knowledge, personality traits and communication skills. 
"We also have psychometric tests and we will be preparing case studies, initiating group discussions and the questionnaire method to assess students," she said. 
She said the college faculty will interact with at least 725 women students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Not only this, the college will also be involved in developing the curriculum of university's commerce and economics courses following an assessment of the students, she added. 
"We will first assess the students and then develop the curriculum that will be adequate and appropriate for them," Ms Kaur said.