Uttarakhand: 50% teaching posts vacant for English, Maths & Physics

NAINITAL: State government degree colleges are facing shortage of teachers in many subjects, including English, mathematics and physics with around 50% posts lying vacant.
According to state education department data till March this year, of 75 positions in government degree colleges in Kumaon division for English, only 30 are regularized while 10 are filled on daily basis and paid on the number of lectures. In Garhwal division, of 72 vacancies in English, 37 are regularized while eight teachers are paid on a daily basis.
Savita Mohan, director in-charge of higher education, said, "We are trying our best to fulfill the requirements by attaching teachers to different colleges as visiting lectures as well as employing teachers on contractual basis. There is a shortage but we are trying our best to not let this factor affect the education standards in the state."
Similarly, almost 50% positions for physics and mathematics are lying vacant across government degree colleges in the hill state. Of 105 teaching positions for mathematics in government degree colleges, 64 posts are still vacant. Only 50 are held by permanent teaching staff while 14 are either on contract or are working as guest lectures and are paid on a daily basis.
In Kumaon division, of 50 posts for mathematics, 29 are filled by permanent staff while six are contractual. In Garhwal division, of 55 posts, 21 are filled by permanent teaching staff while eight are contractual employees.
For positions for physics, of 114 positions across the hill state, 54 are held by permanent staff while 15 are either on contract or are getting paid on a daily basis. In Kumaon division, of 57 sanctioned posts, 27 are permanent and eight are contractual. In Grahwal division, of 57 teaching staff for physics, 27 are permanent while seven are contractual.
A highly placed official in Motiram Baburam Post Graduate College in Haldwani told TOI on condition of anonymity, "Teachers of mathematics, English and physics along with various other subjects from our college leave from here to teach in other colleges in the hills. I am not opposed to this but it is affecting our students and curriculum in an adverse manner. It will definitely help if the state government fills the vacancies at the earliest."