Around 5000 Students Make Mistake In OMR Sheet Bihar Board Intermediate Exam

NEW DELHI:  The intermediate exams for Bihar Board students are over and the board has made sure that the evaluation process of the answer sheets also gets over on time this year. According to sources, the board had appointed teachers for the evaluation and marking process which was to be done from March 5, 2018 to March 15, 2018. Now, that the evaluation process is going on, the mistakes done by students in their answer sheets is coming to light.  

As important as it is to write the answers correctly, it is also important for students to fill in their details correctly in the answer sheets. Hindi daily Hindustan reported that about 5000 students did not follow the instructions carefully for filling in details in their answer booklets. 

This year the board had introduced 50% objective questions in the question paper. To attempt objective questions, each answer sheet had an OMR sheet attached in the front. The OMR sheet had three parts out of which students were required to fill only the first and the third part. However, as many as 5000 students have filled in their name and/or roll number in the second part as well. 

The second part of the OMR sheet was meant for the examiner to fill the marks obtained by the student. It has also been reported that the board has extended the deadline for evaluation of intermediate answer sheets to March 18.