UP Board Removes Elementary Mathematics From High School Syllabus

NEW DELHI:  UP Board recently released the updated syllabus for high school students. As per the updated syllabus, Elementary Mathematics has been removed from the syllabus for class 9 and class 10 students. The change in the syllabus has been brought about as a result of the implementation of NCERT syllabus for UP Board students. Earlier, students had to choose from Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, and Home Science (only for girls). Earlier for both Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics, 70 marks were allotted to theory paper and 30 marks were allotted to practical and internal assessment.
The Elementary Mathematics was considered to be easier in comparison to Mathematics. The syllabus for Mathematics included Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, and Logarithm. The new syllabus now includes the following topics - Number system, Algebra, Co-ordinate geometry, Geometry, Mensuration, and Statistics and Probability.
Earlier students who wished to take up science in intermediate used to opt for Mathematics and other students opted for Elementary Mathematics. Girl students will still have the option to choose between Mathematics and Home Science.
The new syllabus will be implemented for the academic session which will start in April 2018. For students who selected Elementary Mathematics in the session 2017-18 will be allowed to appear for Elementary Mathematics during 2019 board exams. There will be no board exam paper for Elementary Mathematics from 2020 onwards.