Puta points out anomalies in UGC draft regulations

CHANDIGARH: Panjab University Teachers' Association (PUTA), on Tuesday, discussed anomalies of the UGC Draft Regulations, 2018 on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges. They offered suggestions to rectify these.
Members pointed out that there is different eligibility criteria for associate professors in universities and colleges. "At one point, it says selection of assistant professor shall be purely on the basis of performance in interview, while at another, it says the template for selections has to be devised by the university. An option for existing regulations has been given to pending cases, without specifying what the date of promotion in such cases will," said PUTA president Rajesh Gill.
It was also observed that the weightage given to academic record to shortlist candidates for the post of assistant professor is too high (80), with very low weightage given to research publications (10) and teaching experience (10). In case of two authors of a research publication, 50% of total value is given to each author, but in case of more than two authors, 70% is given to the first and 30% to each joint author. It is suggested that the distribution in both cases should be 70% and 30%.
Teachers also said weightage for ongoing research projects is very low, (5), and should be enhanced. Moreover, weightage for research guidance (PhD), in case of thesis submitted is only 5 and should be enhanced, they said.
"Scores given to research publications, especially edited books, has to be revised. The regulations are silent on co-editors in case of a book. To grant the benefit of continuous service, only the designation should be taken into account and not the salary paid, in view of the huge variation in salary paid by institutions," said Gill.
Elaborating on the features of draft regulations, Gill said the concept of API scores for eligibility is no longer there although scores have been given on various parameters to give weightage for selection. Moreover, 5% relaxation granted to OBC for the purpose of eligibility and assessing good academic record for direct recruitment is also there in the regulations. There is also the provision of appointment of senior professors through direct selection too (only in Universities, 10% posts to be reserved).
The regulations make research guidance (PhD) an essential qualification only at the level of professor. Earned leave encashment up to 300 days is allowed. PhD degree has been made a mandatory qualification for direct recruitment to the post of assistant professor in universities with effect from July 1, 2021.