Punjab:  13 per cent of Class 6 students fail to recognise English letters

The baseline assessment (basic test to assess minimum level of students) of upper primary classes in government schools (Class 6 to 8) in Punjab conducted by State Education Department in mathematics, English, science and social studies under ‘Padho Punjab, Padhao Punjab’ project has revealed shocking results.

Children from 6 to 8 classes from all government schools in Punjab were tested in four subjects and asked basic questions from syllabus of lower classes but most of children failed to answer them correctly. For instance, at least four lakh children (69 per cent) failed to answer ‘Who is the President of India?’ even as it was a multiple-choice question.

In mathematics, 3.48 lakh students (57.28 per cent) of the total 6.07 lakh children who were tested, could not subtract one three-digit number from the other three-digit number, whereas 3.73 lakh (61.54 per cent) students failed to solve a statement problem involving three-digit subtractions.

75 per cent students could not solve statement problems involving division of a three-digit number by a single digit, 39 per cent did not even attempt fraction subtraction problem and 55 per cent failed to plot integers on number line.

In English, more than two lakh children of six lakh covered (38 per cent) from Class 6 to 8 failed to read four letter words of which 10 per cent could not even recognise alphabets (A to Z) and 28 per cent could read alphabets but not words (for instance they recognised — A, B, C, D, but could not read four-letter words — ‘boat’, ‘fish’, ‘duck’ etc).
Thirteen per cent children from Class 6, 10 per cent from Class 7 and eight per cent from Class 8 could not cross ‘beginners’ reading level and failed to recognise English letters. Total students tested in English were 6.20 lakh of which 2.31 lakh were found of beginners level who could not read English words. They have now been kept in ‘focused group’ for remedial coaching.
In social studies, more than four lakh children (69 per cent) of 5.96 lakh who were tested failed to answer ‘Who is the President of India’ in a multiple choice question. Many also failed to answer ‘ We live on which planet?’ and marked ‘Mars’ as right answer instead of ‘Earth’.
More than three lakh students (58 per cent) of 5.85 lakh tested in science failed to recognise lab equipment like test tube, battery, magnet among others. The district Muktsar, Sangrur and Mansa showed worst results in science with passing percentage of 39 per cent only. In Tarn Taran and Barnala also, 60 per cent students failed the science test.
Input from Indianexpress