IIM-Ahmedbad plans ‘Winter School’ mid-December

The fourth edition of Winter School, the flagship event of the Right to Education Resource Center (RTERC) of Indian Institute of Management- Ahmedabad has been scheduled for December 15 to 18. The event aims to orient participants towards public policy and social change through a four-day long orientation programme at the IIM-A campus. Professors from the institute and various dignitaries from the country will take these orientation sessions.
A participant of the Winter School, Sanchi Chandna describing her past experience said, “Winter school has been a shift in perspective. I had applied and gone with a mind set to receive heaps of theories, facts and case studies on various policy issues. All this surely was a part of the content. But in the true sense, the essence of winter school was activities, sessions and conversations.”
Last year Professor Ankur Sarin, Professor Anish Sugathan, Professor Rajeev Sharma and Professor Kathan Shukla were among the speakers at the event.
The idea of the event is to create a platform for individuals to understand and challenge the dominant ideas about education and put to test the power structures of our society.
It seeks to spur discussion on themes like social work vs social change, engendering of education, social policy and practice.
The deadline to apply to the programme has been extended to November 12.
Ankit Yadav, RTERC co-ordinator said, “Over 80 individuals participated in the last edition of the event. The Winter School has been receiving overwhelming participation from all corners of India.”
After the orientation, the students will choose a policy and perform a practicum at the place of their choice. The practicum ideally takes ten days. Participants are expected to send a report to the RTERC, detailing the work they have done to earn a certificate from IIM-A. Previous participants’ works included – Capacity building of School Management Committees (SMCs) in Delhi State Government Schools, Night schools in Mumbai and others.
Prof Ankur Sarin, Professor of Public Systems Group and Faculty coordinator of RTERC at IIM-A said, “As part of a larger action research effort, the Winter School brings in participants from across India and is an important student initiative to understand public policy from the perspective of excluded and marginalised groups.”