Pre-Primary Classes In Punjab Government Schools From November 14

Pre-primary classes will begin in all government schools across Punjab from November 14, Education Minister Aruna Chaudhary said today. The education sector of the state was in for a qualitative revamp which would result in a better academic atmosphere and upliftment of the standards, she said. "Pre-primary classes would commence in the state from November 14 onwards," she said in a statement.

The minister said that this step would lead to the strengthening of the educational system from the grassroots level besides resulting in overall personality development of the young students. It would prepare them for the challenges they might encounter in the future, she said.

The Education Department has already commenced the admission process from October 25 and exhorted people to give this step forward the shape of a movement to ensure its success, she said.

She also elaborated that as per the 'Parho Punjab, Parhao Punjab' project, children in the age group of 3-6 years would be admitted in the pre-primary classes.

The Anganwari workers, who look after toddlers before their entry to schools, were already up in arms against the government's move apprehending that it would render them jobless