IGNOU Creates Awareness On Digital Certificates

The Indira Gandhi National Open University’s (IGNOU’s) Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education (STRIDE) hosted an International Workshop on Open Badges for Open Education to create awareness amongst its faculty members about the world using digital certificates to certify certain qualifications/ skills.

This international workshop focuses on the question of how to design and use open badges as building blocks of open education with the aim of capturing, recognizing and communicating open learning achievements, such as acquired skills and competencies, across contexts and systems.

Dr. Ilona Buchem, Professor for media and communication, Beuth University of Applied Science, Berlin, Germany, during her presentation doled out how it is a common phenomenon in Europe to use a digital certificate to certify a certain non formal learning for every stage.  

“Mozilla Open Badges is an open standard that allows all skills and achievements to be recognized and shared across the web. Schools, universities, employers and informal learning providers globally are using open badges to capture lifelong learning which is currently unrecognized,” she said in her opening remarks.

Dr. G. Mythili, Deputy Director, STRIDE, IGNOU also shared her experience of contributing into the CEMCA’s project for developing a professional development online programme for teachers on Open Education Resource (OER) based learning  in the year 2014. The programme, she explained, has five modules while she contributed in one of them: designing learning experiences for OER based e-learning. 

“Open credentials supported by Open Badges help learners aggregate learning achievements and evidence of learning from multiple sources in a portable, shareable, verifiable format,” added Dr. Mythili. In the beginning, Prof. P. K. Biswas, Director, STRIDE welcomed the Resource person and all the participants in the workshop. Prof. P. R. Ramanujam chaired the sessions presented by Dr. Mythili and Prof. Ilona Buchem. At the end Dr. Mythili, Workshop Coordinator gave vote of thanks.