IIM Ahmedabad teaches management through Panchatantra 

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) conducted a course on Panchatantra for students of the postgraduate programme (PGP) and the postgraduate programme for executives (PGPX). It was held on October 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11, 2017.
Over 25 students were a part of the course which was conducted outside the regular curriculum in five 75 minute long sessions. It was initiated on the popular demand of the students of the Capability, Competence and Competitive Strategy (CCCS) course which is taught by professor N Ravichandran who is also the going to be concluding the course on Panchatantra.
“Prof. RaviC used to reference stories from Panchatantra while teaching us Strategy in CCCS course. We thought a standalone course on Panchatantra would be enriching and initiated conversation with Professor for the same.
Enthusiastic participation from the community despite post-dinner schedule reaffirmed our belief in the necessity of such a course,” says PV Aditya, 2 nd year PGP student and student organizer for the course.
The course interprets conflicts in the Panchatantra and uses this as a means to explain management. The popularity of the course has to a plan to offer an enlarged version of the course to a larger audience in November 2017.
“Conflict is an indication of interest across different agencies. At the fundamental level, individual conflicts occur due to differences in objectives where tactical measures lead to conflict resolution. All parties stand to gain by resolving ideological/ philosophical conflicts through deliberations and discussions. Panchatantra provides an ideal vantage point for understanding conflicts involving individuals, philosophies, organizations or consciousness. Stories in Panchatantra can be leveraged to provide useful clues to resolve all kinds of conflicts,” says Ravichandran.