IGNOU launches Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSCENV) from Jan, 2021 admission Cycle

School of Inter-Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Studies, IGNOU has launched Master of Science in Environmental Science (MSCENV) from Jan, 2021 admission Cycle through ODL mode. The earth is finding itself difficult to sustain a growing human population. The issues concerned with the environment are many and are interconnected so much so that a holistic, scientific and sustainable environmental management strategy is the need of the hour. Master of Science (Environmental Science) Programme aims at generating skilled man power to tackle the growing environmental and developmental problems and changes arising from the transition to a sustainable society. This programme will give an insight into the socio-economic causes and the characteristics of pollution and degradation of the natural environment, including the effects on human beings, the atmosphere, ecosystem and the other organisms.

The programme will provide learners with the necessary means to develop the capacity to carry out independent assessments on environmental issues. In addition, learners will be well equipped to analyze and assess environmental systems and problems; be able to propose sustainable solutions to environmental problems; and contribute to the development of policies and strategies for environmental planning. Being an interdisciplinary field of knowledge, environmental science includes specializations with multidisciplinary scope in which the students will learn to address the challenges of maintenance of environmental integrity for sustainable development in relation to human activities.

Programme Objectives:

  • To equip the learners with knowledge and understanding of the physical, chemical and biological processes of the environment
  • To expose the learners with theoretical principles involved in air, water and soil pollution and monitoring systems
  • To emphasize the principles and practices involved in sustainable natural resources management and environmental management
  • To impart knowledge and understanding in impact assessment, environmental audit and laws.

ELIGIBILITY: Graduation in Science (B.Sc) from a recognized University

 PROGRAMME COORDINATOR:  Prof. Shachi Shah., sshah@ignou.ac.in, Ph. 011-29573380, Dr. V.Venkat Ramanan, vvramanan@ignou.ac.in, Ph. 011-29571121 and Dr. Deeksha Dave, deekshadave@ignou.ac.in

 Please check the details on the Study Centers where the programme is available at https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/programme-detail?id=08646ebee453cd7b54baca121aee6ef09801c46c141b2e10db6d759f6a58726c1633

The interested candidates can apply through Online Admission Portal: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/

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