Pledging for Education this Republic Day @ Select CITYWALK

“A campaign for #RightToEducation”


  New Delhi: As India celebrates its Republic Day this year, Select CITYWALK, Delhi’s most admired shopping centre introduces a deep-rooted message for the community on the importance of Education for all! A robust Republic needs educated and informed citizens who can play a greater role in nation building. Acknowledging the role of education as the premise of progress in every country, Select CITYWALK launches #RightToEducation, a campaign to inculcate the love for learning and education in all, across every stratum of society.

 This Republic Day, as our hearts swell with pride on the great strides made by our nation, let us look at education as the universal enabler and leveler across society. Education is the right of citizens of the country and empowers them. To this effect, Select CITYWALK creates a community initiative, which reflects across all its activities towards Republic Day. The Shopping Centre will not just pay tribute to the tricolour this year in its Republic Day decorations, but will also promote love of books and learning with photo installations of men and books. Artistically representing human love for learning and reading, each installation shows this interactive experience in an artistic way.

 Creating a community drive for all visitors is the ‘Book Donation Drive’, in association with GOONJ. The NGO will distribute the collected books to help the underprivileged children who have no access to books, which would otherwise have been lying on our bookshelves once read. This drive is an attempt to bring the light of learning and education through the power of books to children who can use it for their betterment. As part of the #RightToEducation, this drive will be conducted from the 15th to the 31st of January 2021.

 Additionally, as part of the campaign, Select CITYWALK will also donate laptops to a school for the underprivileged to help children get access to better education. This will be promoted through a digital campaign to make the Select CITYWALK social media audience aware and contribute towards the cause.

 Commenting on the Republic Day campaign, Mr. Yogeshwar Sharma, Executive Director & CEO, Select CITYWALK said, “Republic Day is a mark of our sovereignty and independence as a nation. It is also the day, we as citizens must commit to building a better nation, and there is no greater empowerment for the same than education for all. Education today is no longer just the privilege of a few, but the right of all. We pay tribute to our tricolour and our great nation by launching this community initiative to raise awareness on the need to empower each citizen of this country with the light of knowledge.”