NEP 2020 would transform the education sector : Dr. Anuradha Mehta


  • Passion, Dedication and Expression are the key to be a successful teacher: An exclusive interview with Anuradha Mehta


Dr. Anuradha Mehta, Principal, Red Roses Public School has a long experience in the field of education. Her educational qualifications are Qualification-, B.Ed, MA eco.,MA  Edu, P.hD in Education  She tells us about the qualities that a Principal looks while hiring a teacher and much more in this exclusive Interview taken by Navnita Rajput, Reporter, EduAdvice.   Here are the highlights of the conversation with Smt.Anuradha Mehta.


 What are the challenges that a Principal face?

   A. Parents negative attitudes towards school, how to satisfy them B. How well your school performs depends significantly on the strategies and decisions that you make. C my role in recruiting teachers who are competent enough to do the work as assigned. D.. face from students is the lack of discipline, such as absenteeism. E.. a critical task in designing a curriculum that is detailed and covers most bases. F. Influencing the performance of the students, to promote learning and make sure that your students are performing well


 What is the role of extracurricular activities?

Ans. With involvement in extra activities, social skills are improved and students find better career opportunities and expand their network. From playing sports to learning an instrument, could lead to hours spent on something students enjoy. Education requires problem-solving skills, memory, creativity and critical thinking, so we can find an extracurricular activity that has an impact on these areas. It also teachers us learn important time management skills.


 How will the New Education Policy (NEP) of India be relevant in the current scenario of Education? How will it benefit a child?

 NEP 2020 would transform the education sector because it focuses on making education accessible, equitable, inclusive but only if implemented at all levels. Even as new policy sticks to the ‘three language formula, it puts focus on students’ mother tongue as the medium of instruction, but also says no language would be imposed on anyone. The NEP does not make mother tongue compulsory, but only recommends it as medium of instruction. It will develop scientific temper from a young age.

Main reforms will be- all higher education institutions will become multidisciplinary institutions. Every student will be taught a vocational skill of his choice and will also be taught coding from Class VI. There will not be a huge difference between the curriculum of the streams, choice of any subject will be possible from grade IX onwards. The New Education Policy has changed the school education system from 10+2 to 5+3+3+4 format. Also, multiple entries and exit system will be introduced in the higher education sector. The New Education Policy will give importance to students' practical knowledge instead of just pushing them towards rote learning. This will also promote value-based education


 How can vocational learning be beneficial?

Ans. Vocational training means “training for a specific occupation through a combination of practical experience and theoretical training”. This learning/training makes a person job-ready and students can get a job after completing their studies. The students who complete these courses get better jobs than those who only receive an academic education. They become an asset of the country that helps the economy to develop and grow. Vocational education lays stress on learning and teaching of practical knowledge and makes the person job-ready.

NEP 2020 recognizes that the vocational education is assumed to be inferior to mainstream education. This is the reason; new policy aims to overcome the social status associated with vocational education and requires integration of vocational education into mainstream education in phased manner. Skill labs will be set up and created in the schools and allow other schools to use the facility.


 Education now-a-days is in the hands of capitalists or someone who is not related to the field. What do you think about this?

 Capitalist means private control in few hands.Capitalistic economic system has left its impression on every aspect of life and so is the case with education all around the globe. Capitalism has cast its morbid shadow on all levels of our education system- from Primary to Higher education and from schools to universities. These people with their profit driven mindset have cultivated a capitalistic culture in educational institutions. Major focus is on marks without caring for the quality of education. In my opinion such institutions snatch the status and dignity of a teacher. This also leads to the exploitation of teachers. So, I feel this system is neither in favour of teachers nor in the learners.


6.What can be the role of the Principal in running a school?

 The role of principal is to providedirection in the school system and develop standardized curricula and monitor student achievement. Principal alsoassess teaching methods;revise policies and procedures encourage parent involvement. Another role is to hire and evaluate staff and oversee facilities.

Their main role also is to lead the teachers, students and staff membersand handlestudents’ discipline and create a safe learning environment. It’s important to check the performance goals both for students and teachers, and oversee the process so that those goals are attained. It is the duty & role of the Principal to ensure the school facilities remain safe for students and faculty and also plan regular maintenance of school grounds and equipment


 Who can run the school properly - an educationist or a capitalist?

 Ans. You see I have already said that I am not in favor of capitalists intervening in the field of education due to some valid reasons. But at the same time, we can’t ignore the monetary factor which is very important to run a school successfully. The purpose of education is to prepare future citizens who not only are able to lead successful lives but also should be prepare to give back to the society and nation.  So they should be self- reliant and true patriots. To impart quality education and for the holistic development of students you require good infrastructure along with well qualified teachers. An educationist can have all the qualities and tools for imparting a world class education but might not have the money to establish state-of-the- art campus. I think Public Private Partnership can be one of the ideas to achieve this goal.


 Should Teachers be trained regularly?

 Teaches are aintegral and very crucial part of the education system and to a student’s development and growth. Teacher learning is a continuous never-ending process which in return assists in improving student’s learning.

A fresher who comes to teach for the first time might not be very confident to command students. He/she might have a vast amount of knowledge about their subject but may lack in the art of expressing themselves in class. If a teacher can’t convince the student, they basically fail as a teacher as the students will slowly lose interest from that particular class and subject.

For effective class management skills, training for the teachers is very important. If a teacher is in the classroom, the students must be quiet and pay attention to whatever the teacher is talking about. Another aspect that must be taken into consideration is the application of the topics the students learn in their lessons– which will help the students in real world because theoretical learning will help them withgood marks, but practical learning will help them in life.


 Why do you feel that teachers should be good in life skills?

Ans. Life skills help students to develop self-confidence and successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges, such as bullying and discrimination.Knowledge is provided by teaching life skills that supports students' personal growth. Life skills should be actively taught to children throughout their time in school.

Students find new way in developing life skills of thinking and problem solving, and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others. Providing a foundation for acquiring the skills bring confidence in speaking, discussion, debate, writing, and problem solving.


 Indiscipline students destroy the environment of the school. What is the reason? What can be the solution for the same ?

 To deal with students, its important to train teachers to deal with their students and instil discipline at school. School discipline is one of the factors of good education in the country. This issue of indiscipline is usually a problem for a lot of schools even in the most developed countries. Education of the child can be affected negatively by Indiscipline.

Causes of indiscipline are absenteeism in class, teachers' coming late in class and overcrowded classrooms. Another reason is unconducive school environmentand loss of respect for teachers.Most important is to deal with rigid school rules and regulations, poor teaching and defective leadership by school administrator.

Solutions may be:.

  • --Let students be involved in making the rules.
  • --Contact Parents in case of indiscipline,
  • --Invite Volunteers from students only who understand their peer,
  • --invite counsellor who understand the student well
  • --Kids require more attention span, so understand them.


 What do you look for when you hire teachers for school?

 Most important quality in a teacher is- Patience which is very essential in the classroom. Then comes Communication skills both inside and outside of the classroom. ...a teacher should be Enthusiastic for her job and sincere in student’s success. Very good repo with peers. She must have the ability to take negative or positive feedback.


 What advice would you give to a new teacher or anyone desirous to come to this field?

The most important advice will be..Keep students engaged and set rules to enforce them. You should have courage to learn from mistakes. ...

There is no time for preparing for lesson plan or next day work, so forget looking at the time. Avoid being authoritative and too much controlling. Only remember you are the adult in the room, so guide accordingly

How to manage the class is the most important thing to learn and literacy and communication with students affects everything.