Reimbursement under RTE Act 2009 still pending for Private Schools


New Delhi :  : In a letter to the Education Minister, Private Land Public Schools Trust (PLPS) mentioned that there is a delay in the reimbursement process of RTE Act 2009 to the private schools running on private land and in rented premises in all states across India.

The RTE Act chapter III, point Number 7, sub point (1) mentions that the Central Government shall have concurrent responsibility for providing funds for carrying out the provisions of the RTE Act 2009. 

Letter further reads that the parents body (Central Government) must fix the time for the reimbursement to the private schools running on private land and rented premises. Due to this, payment to the teaching and non-teaching staff gets delayed on regular basis. A prescribed format should be decided for the same as the officers demand money to release reimbursement amount. Also, revision of this amount should be based on the increase of the staff's salary.