ICAI to launch virtual executive master programme – ‘New Age Auditors’


New Delhi. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) will launch the first batch of the virtual executive master programme – ‘New Age Auditors’ on November 23. The course will be offered by the Centre for Audit Quality. The ICAI recently established the Centre for Audit Quality (‘CAQ’). It claims that the new centre will “make an available conducive environment for research and develop a systematic audit quality framework”.

The institute claims that faculty could have people from practice portfolio including CAs, regulatory authorities like SFIO, CBI, RBI and banks, member of MRA countries, overseas Chapters of ICAI. The course is available through ICAI digital learning hub or at learning.icai.org at a cost of Rs 11,800. 
It is a refresher course of 16 days duration with four hours a day of commitment needed from the learner. The course will train learners in new technologies including robotics process automation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, big data, and data analytics.

“The future of the profession lies in its ability to change, evolve, and adapt to the changing environment, which is a central element of the various reforms. Keeping this in mind, ICAI would be launching the first batch of the Virtual Executive Master Program – New Age Auditors on November 23. This programme envisages acquainting the CA professionals with the evolving regulatory and technological advances in the economy, equipping the new age auditors with the futuristic skillsets in digital technologies and practices in the changing environment to help protect the public interest,” the ICAI said in an official statement. 
“India is on the cusp of a huge data revolution. The Centre for Audit Quality can play an important role that would further build investor’s confidence and develop public trust, at large,” the statement added.

CA Atul Kumar Gupta, President, ICAI stated: “Audit quality is the hallmark of the audit profession. To be future-ready, professional accountants should learn and equip themselves in new-age technology skills, acquire strategic managerial skills besides continuing their prowess in accountancy, finance, taxation, and business laws. Auditors today need to reinvent themselves and such programmes would help to keep them abreast, equip them with the skillsets required for the global environment, organisation sustainability, and practices in the changing environment.”