Israel : PhD sandwich programme with scholarship up to Rs 17 lakh

The Council for Higher Education, Israel launched a scholarship programme for international PhD students to study in Israel for a duration of up to one year as part of the doctoral studies – a ‘PhD sandwich program’. Under the initiative, international PhD candidates will get the opportunity to further their doctoral research through a unique academic experience in Israel, while collaborating with leading scholars and scientists.

Selected students will get an annual scholarship of 80,000 NIS per year (Rs 17 Lakhs approx). If a scholarship recipient is in Israel for less than one year, the scholarship amount will be determined based on the actual time the scholarship recipient studied in Israel. Scholarships will not be awarded to doctoral students who spend less than three months at the host university, as per the rules. 
“Through this initiative, Israel seeks to attract top young recent PhD graduates to take on a postdoctoral position with leading scientists and scholars in Israel on cutting-edge research in all fields of science, social science, and humanities,” the official statement read.

Each of the eight universities that offer doctoral programs: Ben-Gurion University, Bar Ilan University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion, Tel Aviv University, Weizmann Institute of Science, University of Haifa, and Ariel University will offer the course.

Any student enrolled in a doctoral degree program at an accredited institution of higher education having completed their first year of doctoral studies successfully can apply for the scholarship. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the current call for applications is open for candidates who plan to arrive in Israel beginning of Spring 2021. Interested candidates must apply directly to the relevant Israeli university. Scholarship recipients will be notified by the university by February 15, 2021.