Internshala  announced the rollout of the ‘multi-language video support'

Internshala Trainings rolls out 'multi-language video support' feature to help students learn online in their preferred language


New Delhi. : Internshala Trainings, the e-learning platform of Internshala, announced the rollout of the ‘multi-language video support’ feature. This feature will be first available for learners enrolled in the newly launched video editing training where they can choose to learn in Hindi or English.

Learners are provided with the option to set their language preference right when they land on the learning management system. During the training, they can switch from English to Hindi or vice versa anytime. Learners can also download the training’s video content based on their preferred language.

Announcing the new feature,  the founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “Language barrier is one of the biggest challenges for online learners and we have a large number of students who would prefer to learn in Hindi or Hinglish (Hindi + English) and not only in English. To address this need, we have introduced the 'multi-language video support' feature, thus becoming one of the first Indian ed-tech platforms to do so. Most learners either had to rely on captions, transcripts, and study material, or had no choice other than enrolling in a training and learning online in English. By introducing the multi-language video support feature, we have taken a step further to help students learn in a language they are comfortable with and it brings us one step closer to make quality skill education accessible to all.”


“Few practice-oriented trainings which demonstrate and teach software, might also have certain complex terminologies and steps to follow that can be better learned in a language that students are comfortable in. The option to switch between English and Hindi language would allow students to exercise their liberty of studying independently in their preferred language, repeatedly watch the videos in both the languages to know which one is easy to follow, switch anytime between the languages, and download the training content accordingly for future learning." he added.

After a successful pilot, Internshala Trainings will integrate the multi-language video support feature into other training programs as well and would include more regional languages to make the students’ online learning experience easier.

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