JMI organises Motivational Web Talk on ‘Career Opportunities in India Air Force’


New Delhi. University Placement Cell (UPC), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) organised a Motivational WebTalk on ‘Career Opportunities in India Air Force(IAF)’. Wing Commander Sneha Singh was the main speaker.  About 200 participants including Deans, Heads of Departments, teachers and students attended the session which was inaugurated by Prof. Najma Akhtar, Vice-Chancellor, JMI.

 The session commenced with a welcome address by  Dr. Rihan Khan Suri, Professor (TPO) and. Prof. Shahid Akhter, Senior Advisor, UPC gave the opening remarks.

 Prof. Najma Akhtar in her inaugural address emphasised on the importance and need for students to join the armed forces, including IAF.  She said that students of the university could contribute towards service to the nation by choosing a career in IAF. She especially mentioned courses like B.Sc. in Aeronautics and Engineering streams which could be beneficial for students in this regard.

 Wing Commander, Sneha Singh with her varied experience of both service to the nation and academic pursuits, inspired the students with her words of guidance. In her presentation, she counselled the students about the eligibility criteria, process of recruitment as well as information about various roles and departments in IAF.

 She explained to the students with examples from her own life and spoke about how being a soldier gives one the opportunity to be part of a team which is responsible for the safety of the nation.

 Ms Singh replied to a number of queries by students at the end of the session. Her talk was captivating to the students and they were keenly motivated to serve the country.

 The session concluded with the remarks given by Prof. Z.A. Jaffery, Hony. Director, UPC and a vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Nishat Haider, Senior Advisor, UPC. The session was moderated by Shahira Akhter, Consultant, UPC.

 University Placement Cell has been conducting webinars on various topics related to careers and employability. Recently University Placement organised an Online Summer School on Job Readiness and organised three Online Trainings programmes on employability enhancement successfully. All the programmes were highly appreciated by students.