A rise in demand for Psychology courses - An expecting post-COVID impact


The global pandemic has affected people on different levels, even to a stage of trauma. Unemployment, economic hardship, and fear of illness are the consequences that COVID 19 has imprinted on people. 

India has been labeled as the world’s most depressing country in the year 2017 by World Health Organization. Within one week of lockdown, there has been an increase of 20 percent mental illness, The Indian Psychiatry Society had reported. The people who are already dealing with anxiety or stress are more prone during this time.


One in seven Indians suffers from mental illness. The need for an additional support system is required at a high level. In reality, the worsening situation cannot be mended with a lower number of supplies. There are only 9000 Psychiatrists available for 1.3 billion Indians and less than seven Psychologists available for a population of 10 million as per the WHO report in 2017.


Specialization in Psychology comes in as a Bachelor’s degree after class 12, any students irrespective of the stream can pursue the three-year undergraduate course in BSc, BA Psychology. After it’s completion one can also pursue a two-years Masters in Psychology.


After the completion of the above-mentioned program, the career options for a graduate is limitless. Here is a listing of career options after degree/postgraduate courses:

1. Clinical psychologist, clinical counselor, community counselor,

2. Neuropsychology

3. Developmental Psychology

4. Social Psychology

5. Cognitive Psychology

6. Organizational Psychology

7. School psychology, educational and mental retardation

8. Forensic Psychologist

9. Criminal Psychologist

10. Learning disorders therapist

11. As an academician

12. As a researcher


If young adults fail to enter into this profession, the existing gap is expected to widen further. It is high time for India to consider mental health as a matter of grave importance. Without any delay, there should be deliberation on encouraging more students to join this stream in higher education. A proper clarity on the subject Psychology and it’s limitless career options should be provided to the students. It is an ideal career to be in. Understanding the patient’s mental health and being able to make them function independently without any hurdles could be a life-changing event for a patient.