The Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CUPB) has provided an option to the students in final semesters to appear for the exams from their homes through the online mode.

The students also have the choice to choose the preferable exam date and time slots (from the available slots). The CUPB Council has taken the decision to conduct

the final semester exams, so as to avoid any delay in the completion of the examination process.

The Central University of Punjab will offer two-time slots in a day. Total 140 students can appear for the exam at a time in one slot. The students who will not be able to appear in the online exams for any valid reason may appear in the respective exam after the opening of the University.

The final semester online exams will commence from July 6, 2020 .

Examination Branch is following the UGC guidelines

To avoid the possibility of repetition of questions, the University's in-house Exam System will automatically choose questions randomly fon each exam on different days.