All streams needs equal respect !

Choosing a stream after class 10th result is a difficult task. And everyone has gone through this dilemma of choosing between Science, Commerce & Humanities/Arts stream. All three have different values. But all of them are not treated equal. All three of them have different conceptions especially in India. Here, streams decide the status of a student. 

In India, science stream is the most important stream. Whether it is medical or non-medical. If a student is pursuing science, he/she is thought to be intelligent & has a good status. Commerce comes second in the hierarchy. Commerce also have some value. But arts stream is less valuable compared to others. Also no one wants their child to pursue humanities. And yes, here the society/parents decides which stream is good for a child. And sometimes a child is not the given the chance to choose his favourite stream. 

But according to job opportunity there should be no hierarchy. This hierarchy divides the students in different strata. Like I said before, science stream at the top, then commerce & then humanities. 

I think hierarchy is defined for the opportunities provided by different streams. But in reality, there are hundreds of opportunities available for all the streams, whether science, commerce or arts. 

-By Mansi Ranjan