Moving Ahead towards "Atmnirbhar Bharat": Prime Minister's vision for India



Prof. Ramesh Chander Kuhad



Central University of Haryana

 In the last six years, entire nation has witnessed the emergence of India as the country with immerse potential so much so that India has earned the reputation of a robust economy even in the most difficult times. India has marked its place among the most promising destinations for trade, commerce, IT, tourism, education, space research and scientific innovations. The sole credit for this transformed image of the country goes to our popular Prime Minister Shri NarendraModiJi. During these six years, the Prime Ministertook some bold decisions which gave a new identity to the nation in the spheres of economy, internal/external security and systemic reforms. During his first term as the Prime Minister, he introduced the ambitious scheme like Ayushman Bharat Yojna, Pradhan MantriUjjawalaYojna and Open Defecation free India scheme to elevate the level of the poor families. Similarly, he took some major decisions like surgical strike, air strike and one rank one pension scheme for morale boosting of Indians, particularly defense forces.

Giving a clear message to the world about its vision, Modi Government introduced historic steps in the first year of its second term. Some of the most prominent reforms include— scrapping of Article 370, annulling of 'Triple Talaq' practice and Citizenship Amendment Act. All these strategic reforms have paved the way for India to march ahead with a vision towards self-sufficiency and absolute pride in the idea of nation.

With the completion of only one year of its second term, Modi government has numerous achievements to count, which is a clear indication of a strong leadership in the centre. Nobody could have imagined that the issues like Article 370, 35A and Citizenship Amendment Act will ever be resolved with such an exemplary wisdom in a time-bound manner. These issues troubled the nation for decades and no party could ever dare to claim an early solution but the strong will power and visionary leadership of Shri NarendraModi made it possible.

While assuming the office of the Prime Minister for the second term in March 2019, the 'Pradhan Sevak' of the country made it emphatically clear that India would no move be ignored at international front. In terms of foreign policies, Modi government has remained committed not to submit before any country, be it China or Pakistan. Indian response to China in Modiregime has been worthy of accolades because we have given a clear message that we wouldn't compromise with national security and sovereignty.

Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Sh. NarendraModi, India has conveyed it to the world that, observing decisive diplomatic strategies and cordial relations with other nations there won't be any looking back from the agenda of reaffirming the image of India as a truly powerful nation.

While discussing the success stories of Modi 2.0, it is equally important to mention how efficiently the government handled the issue of Ram Mandir, though the entire controversy was put to rest by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. No doubt, the government did not allow any communal conflicts to flare up after the SC judgment. It is perhaps for the first time in the history of independent India that such a contentions could be tackled so harmoniously by the government.

Here, it is pertinent to mention the model of good governance which has been in action during COVID-19 pandemic. Modi government has demonstrated it to the world that despite the massive population of 1.38 billion, India can handle the threat of pandemic better than the most developed countries of the world. The Prime Minister exhibited his leadership qualities and motivated the nation to observe 'Janta Curfew' followed by lockdown to control the speed of Corona transmission and to everybody's satisfaction, we succeeded in controlling the pace of infection better than any other country so far.

The Modi model of good governance made it possible that the supply chain of essential goods never got disturbed and there was a constant check on the prices of goods. The entire world is the witness to the fact that the world power like USA had to ask for our help during pandemic period. It shows how best we are emerging as a nation with exemplary potential even during the most difficult times. The outstanding performance of the country in various spheres has convinced the world of our strength and now 'IndianOpinion' matters significantly in global context. Again, the credit goes to Modi government.

Most importantly, the government developed the possibilities of reforms and development even in the times of COVID-19. Modi government has not only succeeded in curbing the corona transmission to a large extent but it has also taught the people how to be 'self-sustained'. The optimism of the national leader has gone deep in the hearts of the millions who have now decided to start their life with new hopes and commitments. All these efforts substantiate the goal of the nation to be absolutely 'Atmanirbhar' by developing the capacities to fulfill its needs. This renewed commitment resounds the glorious ancient past of the country. Today, Indian villages present to the world the model of 'self-sustainability', because our villagers are capable enough to meet their essential requirements through sustainable ways of living. The idea of 'self-sustainability' deeply rooted in Indian soil is being internalized and promised by the Prime Minister through his inspiring words and actions.

It may sound difficult but the way Modi government fulfilled its promises in its first year, it is possible that by the time it completes its tenure, we'll find our villages, towns and cities thoroughly 'AtmNirbhar' with all 1.38 billion Indians getting self-sustained. With series of structural reforms in place, nobody can stop us to become the superpower of the world in near future.   


Prof. Ramesh ChanderKuhad



Central University of Haryana