Requirement For More Private Institutions In Country : Dr. Abhay Kumar

  • Parents, students and organisation interact together
  • We try to build guru-shishya traditions




In an exclusive chat, we interacted to Dr. Abhay Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of IEC university. We discussed about the change in conduct of exams and teaching post lockdown.  We also talked about required change in our education system. Here is the excerpt from the interview. 

By Parul Thakur 

 What is your biggest strength and weakness as a teacher ? 

As a teacher, the biggest strength is we are able to empower the nation through education interms of nurturing the student fraternity and capitalising on the youth dividend of India. It is the biggest strength as a guru. Whereas, weakness is that teachers sometimes tend to flow in one direction. This is the one aspect teachers in India lack. 


 What is your teaching philosophy ?

During the present COVID-19 crisis, every organisation is trying its best to go online for teaching. Initially, at IEC university we are trying to cope either through uploading videos on YouTube or emails and teaching through website. Passage of information is not enough during these times. One to one contact could be made either through the telephonic medium. We tried to improve psycho-social well-being and mental health of students by conducting some mental-wellness classes. 


 How are online exams being conducted and have you completed ? 

We have not completed all the exams. We have conducted some of the mid-term tests and exams. Final exams are due to be conducted as initial thrust is not only to complete the course but student must understand the concept. Exams will be conducted soon, we have scheduled the exam from 15th of July. 


 From past 2-3 months, students have been studying from home in there own comfort zone. How will you bring back the students to their daily routine? 

It is a big problem. Online teaching is not successful alone as well as classroom teaching. When the students will comeback, of course the the physical infrastructure will be affected in following social distancing. This will have a toll on teachers as teaching in classroom is different from teaching in virtual classes. A blended module of teaching would be enforced, in which practicals and theory classes will be conducted in university and some students can come and attend at a time. Online and traditional methods of teaching would be blended together. 


 How much do you think interaction with parents is important in teaching? 

Yes it is very important and a integral part of teaching. I as an acamedician, have initiated a program of mentorship at IEC. Parents, students and organisation interact together. We call the parents if there is a problem with the student or he is absent for 3-4 days. Regular reports of student performance and behavioural changes are reported. Each teacher has group of 6-7 students under him. If a student has any problem in campus or hostel, he will go to mentor than anyone else before. We try to build guru-shishya traditions. Interaction with parents is also done as we try to build a environment for studies at their home also. We also counsel the parents, every parents want the good of the child so they too cooperate with us. 


 What are the courses offered in the IEC university? 

We have 75 courses from 12 streams. The state of art labs we have in place in terms of industry connect with instance. We have collaborated with Honda two - wheelers, nova electricals and IBM. Recently,  we've collaborated with Shri Naresh and ARB bearings for training and placement of students. Post lockdown when scenario of placement would be difficult for students our collaboration will ensure that students get some placements. We are also trying to motivate our students to be entrepreneurs. We are also teaching how to have a start-up and make a business plan. 


 What is the current admission process for IEC university? 

Things have become different now. We are having online admissions for now. Parents have been contacting us through our portal. 


 When did the admission process began? 

Admission process has started a month back. We are giving scholarship and we are giving 100% finances to new as well as old students. They don't have to pay their fees immediately during the time of crisis and can submit during the course. 


 Should moral education be given more importance in education system? 

In my perspective, Moral education means education regarding ethics - how to behave, learn, etc. Not only emotional intelligence but spiritual intelligence should be made important. You have to live a life and have to have not only empathy towards your surroundings but sense of responsibility must be inculcated within the student. India is largest democracy and has a vast culture about moral values and ethics. We also have youngest population of world, we have to nurture this Young Minds and make them ethically and morally strong. 


 Do you think privatisation of education is right at first place? 

 Government institute alone cannot cater proper education to all. During British times, a certain class went to university but now people irrespective of their class are understanding the importance of education. To cater such a wide population, private institutions have to be there and there is a requirement for more private institutions to come. 


 Since the number of seats available for higher education, such as  Ph.D. are lesser than that of Bachelors. Do you feel this is the appropriate number or it should increase? 

Not all students are researchers. Someone can be a good researcher but not a good teacher where as one can be a good teacher not a researcher. For now, many universities provide Ph.D. and many seats are vacant. Selection criteria is good for instance only those who are desired of coming and doing Ph.D for sake of research. Not for those who want to come and do it but for those who want to do for research. In India, we should do some research which is converted into a industry and a profitable service. The  research should not remain in lab. The question is not about seats but to change the mindset of people.