JNUTA demands release and dropping of all charges against arrested students

By Harshika Kandoi

 The JNUTA demands to release all JNU students who were arrested for false accuse and they promise to do justice for them.The JNUTA expresses its concern at the shocking arrest yesterday of two women students of the University.

The Delhi Police arrested two women "Devangana Kalita" and "Natasha Narwal", students of the university, in connection with thier role in the anti CAA protest in February this year. Many students have been arrested by Delhi Police in the last few months. The police has to take action against those who had been continously caught in Tv cameras and speaking out the hatred speech before the riots break out. The police is only in search for those who speaks bad and spread violence against countrt. Students of Jamia are also being treated badly as part of this as their university has been made a special target.

On the other hand question was raised against police why they were mute when protest/violence was going on in JNU. Even, on 5th January 2020 Delhi police was also seen in protest and they failed to stop violence. So, botg the students of JNU and othet universities have accused the Delhi Police for not controlling the mob.

The actions of Delhi Police are also very important role in the nation's security agencies. The larger list of JNU students being caught in violence/protest is one reflection that none of us is safe in the university and also increasing crime of democratic right to protest and to think that we have freedom of thought and expression.