Teaching after pandemic , A new challenge 


By Sharlotte Clarke 

                    One small virus has changed the whole world. Till now mobiles and laptops were just a means of recreation. Children never thought that these things can be used as a medium to study also. As teaching and learning online is a new thing for the teachers as well as for the students. Teaching has become more difficult as the teachers are not able to see the whole class at once. So teachers have to find out innovative ways to teach. They can keep the kids engaged by asking them questions and playing games. Most importantly students should be reminded about the rules that they need to follow during the online classes. Initially teachers can request the parents also to help them to maintain the decorum of the class. The teacher can attract the attention of the class by voice modulation, cracking jokes in between or by telling them stories that they can relate with their day to day life. 

                      During this crucial time children are the ones who are facing most of the challenges. They should be given the assurance that everyone will be getting equal opportunities in the class activities as children are clay and teachers and parents can mould them with eachothers support and make e-learning more effective.

                      Education after this pandemic will not be the same as it used to earlier. Children are more comfortable at their home, there are no rules for them. They are learning in their comfort zone. It is going to be a big challenge for the teachers to  bring them back to their regular routine as now the children are learning through more visual content and are devoid of writing practice due to use of more technology. More focus will be given on their emotional development and social skills, keeping their physical fitness in mind as they were not physically active during the lockdown. Being separated from their parents during school hours might affect some children. Counselling for these students will help solve the problem. They have to be taught social distancing and to maintain proper hygiene to keep themselves safe and healthy. Teachers will play a vital role in bringing the students back from the virtual world into the real world. 

(Writer is an English Teacher at MVN Sector 88 Greater Faridabad)