Is Competition in Education effective for students?


Harshika Kandoi

Competition is important for each and every student's life. Competition make students motivate to do some hardwork in their life. Competition doesn't mean you have to show other person down but it let you show your strength and weakness. The knowledge we are gaining from education that is need to be kept in mind instead of thinking who got highest marks and who got less marks. It's true marks matter a lot but think once that marks is the one that we are keeping in our mind or the knowledge we are gaining. Think about yourself where are you lacking, what mistake you have done. 

Pass or fail are the words, it doesn't matter whether you pass or fail, it's all about how you pass the test and how much efforts you put on the test. When you fail the exam  be brave and when you pass the exam, be proud. Instead of comparing yourself with others, use what you have differently. Losing is a lesson to the students that how much efforts they have to put in the future to improve themselves. After that they can work harder on this and prepare themselves for the next competition even much better than the last times. In this, parents role is as much important as students. Parents have to guide there children to take right path instead of wrong. Some students don't know the difference in right or wrong, they just go with the flow because they are very innocent. The reason behind is that parents dont give there children time and the most important reason is there friends who bullies if he or she fails or didn't score good marks. So, parents have to guide between right or wrong and ofcourse they have to give there children time.

All aspect have postive and negative affect so lets talk about positive and negative impact of competition:

Positive Impact- competition in our education system is a must in order to bring out the best in a student. It helps students to develop their creativity and their skill sets. It also boosts their self-esteem, motivates them to become better and makes them mentally strong.

  • - Students get to learn about themselves
  • - Parents can identify and guide their growing children’s personalities
  • - Students  learn values that are best learned through competition
  • - Students learn to cope with stress
  • - Competition makes you creative
  • - Competition makes you strong and you are able to deal with emotions

Competition is good for children. It is quite normal for people to judge themselves against others, thus in that respect competition is quite healthy. In a supportive environment it can teach a child to accept failure without losing self-esteem. However, it becomes unhealthy when the competitor is forced to compete or feels that they have to compete in order to gain respect infront of parents or to show other student down and to bully them.

This was all about positive impact. Let's talk about negative impact.

Negative Impact- Competition affects the mental health and confidence of students. If there is competition and students don’t live up to the expectations, it can leave them disheartened. Students already do their best to perform better than the others within their classrooms.The current education system focuses on scoring marks rather than understanding concepts. Everybody wants to score marks rather than understanding and applying concepts.This is damage to the learning process and I think competition should not be a part of the educational process at all. If competition is added to education then it will badly affect the morale and confidence of the students as well as the teachers.

 If undue pressure is built on them by introducing competition then the performance of students will be disturbed. As a result, students will be stressed, depressed and disheartened on not achieving the desired goal.Their social lives will be hampered as they will not get time to spend with their families and friends and their overall well-being and health might be affected.This means that there will be hardly any time for sports and other activities because they will be busy on thinking how to win this competition. 

Conclusion - Competition is necessary for students but don't make habbit that you will always win. Just enjoy, be calm, relax and work on yourself. Although during a competition an individual may experience negative emotions, it is also possible to get new knowledge. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to become an emotionally stable individual.