US is most preferred destination for Indian students

For Indian students who are planning to study abroad, the United States has always been the most preferred destination. Without much effort, the US easily continues to be the preferred destination for Indian students this time as well with over 206,582 students currently pursuing education in the state, according to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) latest report of November, 2016.


While China tops the list of foreign students pursuing education in the state with 378,986 students, India comes next with 206,582 students registered in the state for studies.

More on the reports:

  • As of November, 2016, over 1.23 million international students with F (academic) or M (vocational) status are estimated studying across 8,697 schools in the state
  • Besides the Asian countries on the top list, which comprises 47 per cent of international students, Saudi Arabia recorded 62,077 students, nearly 20 per cent of foreign students in the state
  • The figures released by the officials on Thursday witnessed a 14 per cent growth registered with most students in STEM (science technology engineering and mathematics) courses with 83 per cent of Indian student registered for STEM
  • Of the 514,000 international students pursuing STEM studies, around 450,000 were from India and China and other Asian countries
  • The largest numbers of students comes from China, India, and South Korea
  • While Connecticut, Massachusetts and Virginia recorded a rapid growth in STEM over the last two years, California, New York and Texas recorded the highest numbers of international student in business and engineering major.