How Should Be A Perfect Teacher


  Saurabh Jain

*Very Useful Article for Teachers*__Being a Teacher, We want to become a Favourite Teacher of our Beloved STUDENTS.....After touching thousands of students to conduct various workshops of Maths, Music, Magic & Motivation____We point out these 10 Proven & Practical techniques to be you a Favourite Teacher urself 

1) A Teacher have to Groom Everyday by his Body & also By his Heart.

2) Being a Teacher, Our Handwriting must be Excellent..

3) Also our Signature is just looking like Autograph.... 

4) Praise in Class-Room & Assembly but Critisize in Personally....

5) Follow __Give Respect, Take Respect

6) Apply Good Eye- Contact,Voice Modulation & Use Body language effectively..

7) Starting 3 Minutes in each Period__No Teaching only Smiling, Talking-Shalking & Praising...

8) Take Heavy Breakfast everyday..

9) Don't keep any our Home-Talk or Any Home-Issue with ourrself when we are in School..

10) Keep always SMILES on our Beautiful Face, Always

&  *Most Important----Firstly change ourself which we want to see in this World*.....

  Writer is a  Maths Entertainer, Story - Teller &  Education Professional