UGC To Universities: Use Swayam MOOCs And Enable Credit Transfer In Colleges

New Delhi: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has encouraged the universities and colleges to use the 82 undergraduate and 42 postgraduate massive open online courses (MOOC) available on Swayam, for credit transfer. The courses, approved by Swayam board, are ready to be offered in July semester 2020.
The human resource development minister has tweeted on his official Twitter handle, 
“MOOCs offered on @SWAYAMMHRD will now be accepted for credit mobility in colleges as per UGC guidelines! 
Another incredible step to maintain continuity of learning for students! 
Check out the courses approved and ready to be offered in July'20 semester.”
These courses are available at SWAYAM Portal:

The nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in closure of higher educational institutions across the country. In order to avoid disruption in learning of students, the UGC has shared with universities and colleges the link of various Information and communications technology (ICT) initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development and the UGC including the courses offered on the SWAYAM platform.

In its letter to Vice Chancellors of universities and principals of colleges, the UGC says, “Since the lockdown period, Mar 23 onwards, Swayam which houses a repository of 1,900 courses, has been accessed by 50,000 learners, which is over and above 25 lakh students and learners who are already enrolled in the January 2020 semester of Swayam.”

According to the letter, under graduate-post graduate non-engineering courses will be offered on SWAYAM, from July 2020.

The UGC also says, “The Swayam examination for the postgraduate and undergraduate Swayam courses for July 2020 semester to be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) are scheduled for November 14 - 15. You are requested to factor in these dates while fixing your university or institution examination calendar to avoid any clash of dates.”

Popularizing The Swayam Courses
The UGC has suggested making the Swayam courses popular by using them in credit transfer, so that more students can enrol in these courses.

In its letter, the UGC has said that the Vice Chancellors may approve and adopt the SWAYAM courses, on the recommendation of dean academic and heads of department at their universities for credit transfer and this may be ratified by the academics council.

The UGC also suggests encouraging the faculty from universities and colleges to submit their expression of interest for developing non-technology UG and PG courses to the Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) which is an inter-university centre of UGC. 
“The link for submission of proposals can be accessed at” 
“The faculty members identified as Swayam coordinators and mentors are requested to follow the operational guideline for Swayam coordinators and Mentors (notified on Feb 28) available at,” says the letter. 
The UGC has requested the universities and colleges to popularize the Swayam courses among students and faculty through universities’ website and various social media handles.