"Five changes needed in Education System"


 Harshika Kandoi

"To change the world, Education is the most powerful weapon"

Education is the key to everything whether it's advancement on technology, medicine, computers or the discipline that is been taught to students. These all would be impossible without better education. Infact in our society, it is essential  to  learn  new  things.  Under  our  Indian  Constitution,  free  and compulsory education is given to the students between the age of 6 to 14. In our country day by day our education is growing and we cannot deny the fact  that  the  Indian  government  and  institution  have  been  working. However, there are still several issues which are required to be taken care of. If these issues are solved then literally no one can stop our education system to grow in our country.

Here are five immediate changes needed in Indian Education :

  1. Rural Education : In Indian education system, the problem of rurals really need to be solve. Our education system only focus on urban areas, so to develop the country urban and rural have to go hand in hand. Also the main  problem  here  is  proper  education  is  not  given  to  women.  This problems really need to be  solve.
  2. Teacher Training : In our country it's really very important to give the proper  training  to  teachers.  Today  80  percent  teachers  are  really  not trained, there main focus is only on the salary. Some of the teachers go for strike  beacuse  there  salary  is  not  increased  or  they  have  not  been promoted. This is really bad then students are affected because they are learing this, if problem is not solve go for strike. So if teachers are trained properly then definitely our education system  will grow.
  3. Infrastructure : This is the main issue that need to be improved specially in rural areas. They  don't even have a  proper chairs, tables,  restrooms,


playgrounds etc. In rural areas mostly study is done in open areas where teacher  is  teaching  and  students  are  sitting  in  ground  and  learning. Problems of infrastructure is not only in rural areas but also in urban areas. They have infrastructure but properly it is not made. So infrastructure really need to be improved in both the areas.

  1. Expensive courses : It's very sad that in our education system courses are very expensive. Middle class and ofcourse poor people can't afford. Why everything is business for people? Why they can't just help people? Government really need to see this and try to make the courses cheap so that  everyone  can  afford.  If  we  talk  about  the  courses  for  the  medical students   they are really very expensive. So, government need to really improve this point.
  2. Remove  Reservation  System  :  The  reservation  system  in  India  really need to be removed because those who actually deserved they misses there opportunities. Some people really don't deserve and still they got the chance to occupy there seat. Most problems is faced by General people because they have to do hard work for to occupy their seat but those who are  OBC,  ST,  SC  they  dont  have  to  do  that  much  effort  compared  to General  people.  So,  Government  had  to  also  think  about  reservation system so deserving get there best.

These are the main five points that really need to be solved in Education System.

In Conclusion, the Indian Education system must change for the better. It must give the rural and urban areas equal opportunities to shine better. We need to let go of the old and traditional ways and enhance the teaching standards so the youth can create a better world.