Anna University Allows Work From Home 

New Delhi: Anna University has allowed work from home to its teaching and non-teaching staff. The decision has been taken after Government's directive and UGC's direction to all universities in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.
The University has permitted all the faculty members, teaching fellows, administrative staff members, and technical and non-technical staff members to work from home from March 25 to March 31, 2020.
The University has asked all faculty members to utilize the 'work from home' period to provide online tutorials to students. The University has also asked teachers to explore non-traditional methods for teaching and sharing notes like WhatsApp etc. Research Scholars can also work from home, the University says.
Though the university is allowing work from home, technical and non-technical administrative staff members have to be available for any clarifications or any urgent university related work if required and will have to attend to any immediate administrative work related to University.
Anna University has also requested that staff and students should follow all the guidelines related to containment of Coronavirus and strictly avoid participating in any kind of social gathering of more than four people.
MHRD had, recently, announced work from home to teaching and non-teaching staff and had instructed educational bodies to suspend all classes and had said that all teaching and assessment work be shifted online.